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Outspoken is a social enterprise – a community interest company (CIC)                                                                                           

What drives us

We are a buttoned-up Brit and an upfront American who are out to help children and young people navigate relationships and sex. Together we’ve come up with some tips we wish we’d had and the resources we still need in tackling tricky subjects with our kids

We are in it along with other parents: Outspoken founding director Leah Jewett has two teenagers and director Sophie Manning is the mother of two young children.


Together we’re building on the academic research, comprehensive knowledge and decade-long teaching experience of Outspoken founder Yoan Reed, herself the mother of three young adults. She grew up in Denmark – and we look to that part of the world for an honest, matter-of-fact approach to sex and relationships issues.

We want our children to have positive sex and relationships experiences – and we want to be on that journey alongside them.

We don’t want to silence our children’s questions – we want to keep them coming!

All three of us want children – shored up by their parents’ support – to be safe, self-aware and free to become who they want to be.

Ultimately we all of us want future generations to be resilient critical thinkers, questioning our culture and helping to forge a society that is more equal, respectful and accepting of difference... 

We are Outspoken: Leah (above right) with Sophie and (below) with Yoan

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