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The importance of parent involvement

How do your children learn about their changing body, consent, healthy relationships and sex? The obvious answer is through school, friends, the online world.


But parents have a fundamental influence. You are the missing piece that completes your children’s relationships and sex-education learning.

Statistics show that children want to be able to talk openly with their parents about their concerns and experiences – and equally that parents want to talk openly with their children but don’t know how.


By not talking about relationships and sex-ed subjects – matter-of-factly and with confidence – over time, you are opting out of a vital opportunity to be your children’s moral compass, helping them to navigate and counteract the digital and mental-health pressures they are up against.


Building a positive foundation for your children

Outspoken events give parents the skills, language and confidence to communicate more openly with their children, which makes them more confident around…

  • SAFEGUARDING Safeguarding is fundamentally about building up your children’s resilience and decision-making abilities through instilling in them the confidence to be independent and in control, about letting them know that they can – from the base of feeling secure in your supportiveness – ask for help and show their feelings, and ultimately about inspiring them to be critical thinkers


  • IMPROVING MENTAL HEALTH By talking openly about balancing the physical changes and emotional issues your children are going through, you can give them confidence and improve their ability to develop resilience and good mental-health practices for life


  • STRENGTHENING THE PARENT-CHILD CONNECTION It’s in demonstrating your willingness to talk with your children about challenging subjects, listening to their experiences and points of view and communicating your own values that you will establish common ground and create an ongoing, everyday openness – a closer connection – between you and your children

How Outspoken events spark conversation among parents so they can start conversation at home


Outspoken runs parent events based on experiential learning, listening and exchange:


  • PANEL DISCUSSIONS a way to broaden your knowledge
    Hear professionals discuss the topics covered in relationships and sex education. See two engaging short films. Compare notes with other parents


  • FOCUS GROUPSa way to explore your thoughts and experiences interactively
    Learn through the kinds of activities your children might do in class. Consider how your outlook has been shaped by your formative experiences. Test-drive saying things out loud that can feel awkward. Further define your values through exchanging ideas and experiences with other parents


  • SEMINARSa more structured, informative, in-depth way to put learning about relationships and sex-education subjects into practice
    Explore ideas and techniques through discussion and experiential learning, including the kinds of activities your children might do in class


What you can get out of Outspoken


  • Come together with other parents to brave what can feel like difficult territory, practise having difficult conversations and define your views through hearing other perspectives – which will pave the way for you to start conversation at home


  • Acquire the skills, language and confidence to talk matter-of-factly about relationships and sex-ed topics with your children so you can model confidence


  • Feel empowered to approach your children’s school about its relationships and sex-education (RSE) provision. A good home-school connection means you will be informed about what is being covered in RSE lessons and when, so you can bring up and normalise these topics with your children as you would any homework​

  • Become confident in your role as the main influence in your children’s relationships and sex-education learning



Outspoken is out to help parents with safeguarding, improving their children’s mental health and strengthening the parent-child connection



Outspoken is a social enterprise – a community interest company (CIC)

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