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Sex ed in the news 

Round-up from 27/10 to 3/11/17

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Young girls are avoiding social situations because of low self-esteem – from 6/10/17


Cate Blanchett's words are true but they really shouldn't need to be said – interestingly URL reads: Cate Blanchett: "Dressing sexy doesn't mean we want sex"


Anne Robinson on her abortion "black doom" – from 11/10/17


"Being average looking has made me happier in life and love"


Sexism: adaptable to the 21st century – a powerful blog post from a young woman about boys at school ranking girls' prettiness/desirability





Artist with endometriosis channels "desperation" into striking portraits to raise awareness


"Enjoy menstruation, even on the subway": Stockholm art sparks row – (but I ask: what do we do to protect viewers from salacious, demeaning adverts of women in the subway – don't we have a right not to be accosted by those too?)


14 totally normal signs your period is coming – from 6/3/17 on Betty


Did you get a cake for your first period?


Fighting taboos – from 5/10/17 – UK stats about periods and how pharmacies can play a part in changing feelings/stigmas/attitudes about periods


Men must accept vaginas should smell as women use dangerous methods to "cleanse" themselves, warns gynecologist

AND: • Doctor dumped boyfriend because he criticised the smell of her vagina – and wants other women to follow suit

AND: • Please don't put Vicks Vaporub in your vagina, we beg of you
AND: • Vaginal Vicks VaopRub, oh my God people just don't – the doctor's original post (disclaimer: that's her spelling of VapoRub in the title)





The spark: sex in long-term relationships – interview series on Woman's Hour (BBC Radio 4) – 

1) Lack of desire 

2) How sex changes after motherhood
3) Wanting a more satisfying sex life and to be freer to have passion/lust again 

4) Effect of partner's medication/low mood on sex life

5) Couples therapist Esther Perel gives advice – 44 minutes on 3/11/17 (starts at 00:32)

AND advice from Esther Perel plus excerpts from the interviews: • Seven things we're getting wrong about sex in long-term relationships

One in four is too many! #metoo #howiwillchange – from Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center


What to know before having sex for the first time – from 10/8/16


Harvey Weinstein and the economics of consent


Looking sexy doesn't men women want to have sex, says Cate Blanchett





Yanis Varoufakis: I was missing my daughter so badly – about his book Talking to My Daughter About the Economy


What rape culture says about masculinity


Toxic masculinity is everywhere. It's up to us men to fix this


Gordon Brown: "I didn't show enough emotion to win the 2010 election" – interestingly the URL reads: "I wasn't touchy-feely enough for today's politics"


The voices of Weinstein's accusers have torn the fabric of patriarchy


Women and men are speaking out about abuse – is this the end of the patriarchy?


Hollywood actors speak of "rampant" problem of male abusers targeting men


Who's Who study sheds new light on power of old boy network


I hate men





It's officially #NoPornovember! Global fight for love – #NPN17 – From Fight The New Drug


"Horrifying" number of men view child sex abuse images online, police warn


How did Pornhub become synonymous with porn? – from 22/6/17


The end of pornography – from 28/9/17 on upcoming podcast series The Butterfly Effect by Jon Ronson


Young people may watch lots of porn but they wish they didn't – from 2015


Porn is now part of everyday life, say teenagers – from 19/8/14 – interestingly the URL reads "Most young people agree that porn creates unrealistic views of sex they still admit to watching it"


How much porn is too much porn? – from 21/9/17


How Dan Savage's Hump! festival uses porn to create empathy


These women want to masturbate, just not to mainstream porn



"Ask for Angela" initiative launched – scheme from 22/3/17 for people feeling unsafe/wanting to get away in a pub, bar etc to "discreetly" approach staff and be helped to leave – only now have I come across this, via a poster in a theatre toilet stall…


London universities team up with women's services to tackle sexual assault on campus


Sheffield uni students wore "Rape is a myth" T-shirts to freshers' pub crawl – from 12/10/17


"Half of women" sexually harassed at work, says BBC study


#MeToo campaign brings conversation of rape to the mainstream


#MeToo is here to stay. We must challenge all men about sexual harassment

Refusing Weinstein's hush money, Rose McGowan calls out Hollywood


Weinstein sex accusations show the power of social media and the limits of shame in our celebrity-driven world


James Corden, women can joke about sexual assault but you can't – and this is why


Michael Gove on Weinstein: beyond a joke – blog post from EVAW, End Violence Against Women

AND: • Gove sparks outcry for Weinstein joke that "trivialises sexual assault" – includes 30-second segment of the Today programme


Sarah Polley: The men you meet making movies


We asked Veronica Mars fans why we need a reboot. "Men are trash," they said


A year on from Trump's pussy grab, nothing has changed

AND: • The Trump revelations show how much women are expected to ignore – from 16/10/16


Lupita Nyong'o: Speaking out about Harvey Weinstein


My encounter with Harvey Weinstein and what it tell us about trauma


Congress has its own sexual harassment problem


Theresa May to crack down as sex harassment allegations grow – interestingly published under the section Women In Politics


Women MPs outnumber men during Commons sex harassment debate


More than 150 sign letter denouncing sexual harassment in art world

AND: • The letter: We'll stay silent no more over sexual harassment in the art world


Corey Feldman launches campaign for film to expose Hollywood pedophiles


Complicity in the sexual abuse of women is built in to the heart of our politics


Anne Robinson says she is in "despair" over "fragile" modern women who are "unable to deal" with sexual harassment in the work place


"Pack of hyenas": how Harvey Weinstein's power fuelled a culture of enablers


Warning my students about a lecture on assault does not make them snowflakes


The victims of sexual abuse are the only voices that matter


Oxfam says it has sacked 22 staff in a year over sexual abuse allegations


The infantilising term "sex pest" disguises the horror of harassment and assault


Why don't women speak out about harassment? The answer is in today's papers


John Humphrys criticised for suggesting Westminster abuse allegations are "going too far"


The notion of  the sexual harassment "grey area" is dishonest – and dangerous


Westminster's sexual assault allegations are already being minimised – here's how


May urged to end "locker room culture" after Fallon resignation


Westminster is infected with a chronic imbalance of power


It's time to put an end to websites like Sexy MP


When it comes to harassment, we're damned if we do, damned if we don't


Dustin Hoffman sexually harassed me when I was 17 (guest column)


How to be a good friend to a sexual assault survivor – from Teen Vogue


For some men, rape just isn't a big deal


These beauty pageant contestants gave out facts about women's rights as their measurements – interestingly the URL reads Miss Peru 2018 was the most woke beauty pageant of all time

AND: • These Miss Peru contestants give a whole new meaning to vital statistics

AND: • Miss Peru pageant turns into gender violence protest





Rose McGowan delivers fiery speech at inaugural Women's Convention: It's time to rise – includes 5-minute video of the speech


Our national narratives are still being shaped by lecherous, powerful men


Louis CK's new film trailer makes for uncomfortable viewing post-Weinstein


The real problem with the term "witch hunt" when it's used by Woody Allen


Yes, this is a witch hunt. I'm a witch and I'm hunting you


Saudi Arabia accused of giving a female robot more rights than women


Sexism programmed into bots like Siri? Yeah, it's true – from 22/3/17


Rebecca Solnit: if I were a man

AND: • Meet Rebecca Solnit, the woman who predicted #MeToo


"You can't live without it": girls' rights in the digital world – report from Plan International UK / Because I'm A Girl campaign


As sexual harassment allegations swirl, Theresa May looks decidedly unfeminist





The 10 most googled questions about sex answered


We need compulsory sex education in primary schools to tackle child-on-child abuse


Teachers have to hide the truth about sex and it's screwing us over – from 29/8/17 – an American view of the Dutch model





Photographer: "Wild girls should be allowed to be wild" – interview from 6/3/17 with Strong Is The New Pretty photographer/author Kate Parker

AND: • Strong Is The New Pretty photographer Kate Parker's website


Bye, bye Barbie: giving my son dolls that look like actual people

Princes, princesses, knights and nurses: talking about gender and identity


After 42 years of sex discrimination laws, why force schoolgirls to wear skirts?


To see more women in science, deal with test-taking anxiety in girls


March of the Mummies: a Halloween protest to help working mothers

AND: • The day the mummies marched for the right to procreate *and* work


If you've ever made a fat joke, Fattitude is the documentary for you


Does Cambridge University need to widen a "whitewashed" reading list?


The reality of whiteness and justice for all – from America but with good points


Meghan Markle: I'm more than an "other" – from 22/12/16


Transgender girl says it was change sex or die


Kevin Spacey criticised over link between abuse and homosexuality


How dare you, Kevin Spacey? You fuelled a vicious lie about gay men





Quick survey about people's needs when it comes to sexual health services:

All information will be treated confidentially and anonymously – you don't even have to leave your name if you don't want to. Contact with any questions


Mental health research: what 12 million conversations can teach us – report from Ditch the Label


Mental health misconceptions that bloggers want you to know about


Sign up for free to the Children’s Screen Time Action Network – an initiative of the Campaign for A Commercial Free Childhood
We’ve heard from countless teachers, pediatricians, librarians, psychologists, early childhood professionals, and other practitioners who see every day how screens [and spending too much time with digital devices] are interfering with kids’ healthy development. They’re ready to move beyond diagnosing the problem and start working together to create solutions.

We built the Children’s Screen Time Action Network with and for these professionals. Guided by an Advisory Board of child development experts, Network members will share resources and best practices, engage in professional development, and strategize together on how to best communicate with families. 


If you work with children and families and believe that reducing kids’ screen time is both necessary and possible, the Action Network is for you. And if you don’t work professionally with children but still want to help others unplug, you can join too. Membership is free.





Debate on sexual harassment and violence in schools – transcript of debate on 2/11/17 in House of Commons



What is the timetable for a decision on the mandatory introduction of personal, social health and economic education for schools in England? – asked by Liz Twist, Labour, Blaydon on 31/10/17


What is the timetable and the planned commencement date for the consultation on the provision of relationships education? – asked by Stella Creasy, Labour, Walthamstow on 30/10/17


RSE brought up during debate on sexual harassment in House of Commons on 30/10/17:

Layla Moran Liberal Democrat, Oxford West and Abingdon

With my teacher hat on, I endorse what has been said about young inexperienced staffers often not knowing their rights, and also the idea that there should be some kind of induction. This House should be leading from the front, and there is something else we can do: ensure that sex and relationship education in schools is finally enacted so we can start to tackle this from the bottom up as well.

Andrea LeadsomLord President of the Council and Leader of the House of Commons

I share the hon. Lady’s concern that we need to set a good example and be good role models, and we need to do more to protect children and young people. On sex and relationship education, I agree with her up to a point: it is vital that relationship education is put up alongside sex education and the two are taught hand in hand.

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