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Sex ed in the news 

Round-up from 6/10 to 12/10/17

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Just to kick off… my (very long) piece: Beyond Control: Attending a Conference on Men, Patriarchy & Mental Health


Sign up now for BAM (Being A Man festival at the Southbank Centre, 24-26 November)


How to teach teenage boys to actually respect women


This heart-melting cartoon about getting older puts life in perspective – 18-frame comic about a dad and his daughter


The making of a male midwife




We're "bloody feminists" and we have a problem with Kingsman 2's sex scene



This man is erecting a huge statue of a nude woman by the Washington Monument

AND: • R-Evolution on the National Mall – fundraising + video but also interesting reflections by the artist


Songs that hate women and the women who love them: why I'm still a fan of AC/DC


Mexico's largest university hosts feminism conference without a single female panellist – rationales explained here


Hijab Monologues: dating, the weather and Islamophobia in frank, funny tales


New study reveals children around the world share depressing, sexist beliefs

Sylvia Plath in a bikini shot: it's time to stop sexualising a serious author to sell books – with some interesting reader comments/debates

The gender agenda: a first-hand account of how girls and boys are treated differently

Presents a selection of tweets and blogs from a diary kept by the parents of a three-year-old girl and baby boy exploring how they are treated differently because of their gender and the impact this has. Shows how culture, family and parents are part of the "gender police" that can influence a child's identity. Explores ways in which gender stereotypes in society can be challenged.




The Digital Human: Sin-Eaters – BBC Radio 4 show. Content moderators working in huge numbers across the world are fighting a losing battle both to keep horrible images from slipping into our social media feeds but also against the harm they suffer from witnessing so much gruesomeness. A programme about what happens when you stare into the abyss for too long.


Growing social media backlash among young people, survey shows


Digital 5 a day – from the Children's Commissioner




Girls go along with sex acts, says teacher – interestingly, this same piece went up the day before (5/10) entitled: Pupils "go to porn websites to learn about sex"


Porn at BAM (Being A Man festival at the Southbank Centre, 24-26 November)
Over 90% of young people have viewed porn by age 14, and most boys believe it is a realistic depiction of sex. What effect does this have on male expectations of sex? A panel of experts debate whether porn can be a playful added dimension to sex, or if it distances us from our real life partners. Chaired by Wendy Jones, author of The Sex Lives of English Women: Intimate Interviews and Unexpected Answers, who is currently working on a book about the sex lives of English men.


"Empowering" porn-for-women site accused of stealing content from women


Maggie Gyllenhaal: "Pornography is an art form"


Hugh Hefner leaves behind legacy of sexual exploitation and a public health crisis
AND: • I called Hugh Hefner a pimp, he threatened to sue. But that's what he was
AND: • Hugh Hefner was the ultimate enemy of women – no feminist anywhere will shed a tear at his death
AND: • Playboy Founder Hugh Hefner: An Early Proponent of LGBTQ Rights
AND: • When Ruth Bader Ginsburg Thanked Hugh Hefner


Over half of men are uncomfortable talking about their partners' vagina – US slant on UK report from the Eve Appeal


This Morning's "designer vagina" stunt put women's well-being at stake


An anorexic teenager was approached by two modelling agencies at a music festival


Will my anorexia stop me going to university?


Three-quarters of young women expect some form of sexual harassment on a night out


Sexual assault on the way home: "Am I making a fuss?"


My work as a prostitute led me to oppose decriminalisation


"The Mouse" – powerful new 2-minute animation about child sexual abuse and exploitation (voiced by Chris Harper, the actor performing the role of perpetrator Nathan Curtis in Corrie)

• Following in the footsteps of Coronation Street's ongoing grooming storyline, it seeks to raise awareness of perpetrator tactics and the importance of seeking support etc. Voicing CSA is keen for the animation to reach a wide audience to ensure survivors of these crimes feel recognised and able to seek support – please share among your networks using the hashtag #TheMouse. This is part of a wider hope to encourage survivors to access and engage with the Truth Project being led by the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse



Twerking man and "dead dad" ad among most complained about in 2017
AND • Dave's #EpicStrut TV Ad MoneySuperMarket January 2015 HD OFFICIAL
AND • Meet Dave And His Epic Strut | This Morning – 2-minute ITV interview


Gay couple will no longer appear in McCain's TV ad after homophobic abuse




Young people "more anxious than ever" due to Brexit and rising debt

"I worry about money most of the time"

Sexual health services at tipping point warn councils

Unpacking the impact of adverse childhood experiences on adult mental health
Summary: Analyses the relationship between an expanded adverse childhood experience (ACE) score that includes being smacked as a child in 7465 adults and adult mental health outcomes. Key findings: a graded dose-response relationship between the expanded ACE score and the likelihood of moderate to heavy drinking, drug use, depression, and suicide attempts in adulthood; being smacked as a child was significantly associated with mental health outcomes.
Journal: Child abuse and neglect (Vol.69), July 2017, pp 10-19
Go to publication


Cool study examines the nuanced ways women orgasm

AND: • Women’s Experiences With Genital Touching, Sexual Pleasure, and Orgasm: Results From a U.S. Probability Sample of Women Ages 18 to 94 – Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy report (in connection with

Why don't I want to have sex with the man I love?

From Unscrewing Ourselves – Broadly's first annual sex month exploring the state of sex ed today by highlighting the individuals and ideas changing our sexual health for the better…

• Understanding sexual pleasure isn't just fun – it's crucial

• Why the best female masturbation scenes on TV are the boring ones

• A sex therapist explains the biggest myths about the female orgasm

• The lesbian vloggers teaching queer teens how to have better safer sex

• Why we need to empower black girls to take control of their own sex lives





Teaching young people about consent and pleasure – free eLearning course to support teachers from Brook (with Elsie Whittington – see below article + University of Sussex + Onclick)
AND: • Press release

Why we need to teach pupils sex is not just about warding off groomers and STIs – by Elsie Whittington (see eLearning course above)


Talking to kids about sexual misconduct from five years old: why prevention is better than punishment


Innovative RSE awards – Brook and FPA have recognised North London school and the great Period Positive programme for providing innovative SRE as part of Durex-funded project

Top 10 schools-based RSE programmes (as voted by 10 young people)
As part of a joint Durex-funded project between Brook and FPA, 10 young people aged 15-18 met in August to identify excellent examples of schools-based RSE. The top 10 programmes as chosen by young people to feature in Brook and FPA's joint report are: Big Talk Education, Bracknell Forest Council, Jigsaw PSHE, Oak Field School (Nottingham), Park High School (Stanmore), Period Positive, Sarah PSHE (Cornwall), Solihul School, Spectrum Community Health CIC and St Philips School (Kingston upon Thames). The report will be published later this year by Brook

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