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Round-up from 22/1 to 21/2

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Every parent must get involved in their children’s sex education – Leah Jewett’s Huffington Post blog post from 13/2/18

Sign this petition: “Give young people the high-quality relationships and sex education they deserve” – from the FPA (Family Planning Association)

Sex-education campaigners lay out vision for effective curriculum

Teachers need proper sex education training, warn experts

Exclusive: Just 29% of teachers say schools will be ready for statutory sex education

Cross-party parliamentary debate on statutory PSHE education – held on 6/2/18

Sex and relationship education should be about rights and equity not just biology – from 13/12/17

Sex ed “must cover respect and consent”, say young mums

Puberty is starting earlier for many children – sex education must catch up with this new reality

The importance of educating parents to educate their children – Leah Jewett’s piece from 9/2/18 submitted to the Westminster Education Forum for inclusion in the briefing document for its conference Preparing for Implementing Compulsory Relationships and Sex Education In Schools – Curriculum Content, Best Practice and Teacher Training

Savage Love Letter of the Day: Why is Mommy moaning?

These women are changing the face of sex education as we know it – from 21/11/17

At the heart of Valentine’s Day: 14 tips for talking openly with children and young people – from Leah Jewett and Yoan Reed of OUTSPOKEN

How to talk to the kids about sexual harassment – American article

Wearing black to the State of the Union isn’t enough

Could the #MeToo movement change sex ed? – American article

PSHE and SRE should both be compulsory for all school children

Comments about PSHE, relationships and sex education, behaviour of men/boys and respect for girls made during a House of Lords debate on Women: Events Industry on 30/1/18 by Baroness Walmsley (Liberal Democrat) and Baroness Williams of Trafford (Minister of State, Home Department)

Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education – What is the time frame for introduction of PSHE? What has been allocated from the public purse for the roll-out of statutory relationships and sex education? – asked by Emma Lewell-Buck, Shadow Minister (Education) (Children and Families) on 20/2/18

Students: Social Media – What steps are being taken to ensure that students are educated on issues of privacy and personal security on social media? – asked by Alex Sobel, Labour/Co-operative, Leeds North West on 20/2/18

Where OUTSPOKEN stands on the government consultation on relationships and sex education (RSE) – Leah Jewett and Yoan Reed respond to the government’s 12/2/18 call for evidence, entitled Changes to the Teaching of Sex & Relationship Education and PSHE, which appealed to parents, children, young people, teachers – to anyone at all – to answer eight questions

AND: • What They Need To Know – How parents can respond to the government’s consultation on relationships and sex education – of general interest although it is particular to the 12/2/18 consultation

SEX EDUCATION – Project Pleasure with Frankie Wells and Anouszka Tate – from 9/10/17 – 1-hour programme from Roundhouse Radio
Frankie and Anouszka explore sex ed from its beginnings through to the classroom now. Joined by’s Justin Hancock they talk about what changes they’d like to see how their own education impacted their experiences. Roundhouse Radio is a proving ground for a new generation of radio talent, all aged 11-25. We have over 30 shows from brilliant new music to experimental drama, spoken word, exclusive interviews and much more




All Women Count – Refugee and migrant women lobby Parliament – on 8 March (International Women’s Day)
Join refugee and migrant women in Westminster to demand safety, dignity and liberty for all women. On the centenary year of women’s suffrage in the UK, let’s not forget those women whose voices are too often not heard. Refugee and migrant women in the UK often do not have the right to vote yet are affected by laws and policies decided in Westminster.

What you can do: Find your MP's contact details here and use this template letter to invite them to meet you at the lobby

Million Women Rise – all women/girl event from 12pm on 10 March
Million Women Rise (MWR) believes that male violence against women and children is a global pandemic. Last year was the 10-year anniversary of MWR. A woman’s right to live free from violence and/or the fear of violence has not been achieved. Women continue to be attacked, exploited, and violated in many different ways, in our homes, on our streets, on our public transport, at our places of work. More than ever, we need to gather as a critical mass 

Women’s Equality Party comedy + auction fundraiser to support WE Camden co-leader Emma Ko running for local councillor for Brent in the May elections – 17 March at The Masons Arms, 665 Harrow Road, London NW10 5NU. Tickets £25, including free drink
Features standout line-up of female talent:
• Taylor Glenn – an award-winning American comedian, writer and former psychotherapist who co-hosts the Self Renovators podcast, Taylor has written for The Guardian, Standard Issue Magazine, The Daily Mash and Huffington Post. Her stand-up show A Billion Days Of Parenthood received rave reviews at the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe
• Eleanor Tiernan – an Irish comedian, Eleanor is a regular contributor to TV, radio and panel shows. She has done stand-up at the Edinburgh Fringe, Galway Comedy Festival and Montreal Just For Laughs
• Yuriko Kotani – a Japanese transplant to London, Yuriko was called One to Watch by Time Out and won both the BBC New Comedy Award and the Brighton Comedy Squawker Award – all in 2015 (clearly a busy year for Yuriko!)
Book tickets at

Why Angelina Jolie wants her daughters to follow in her footsteps

AND: • What Angelina Jolie is fighting for now

I can finally say it – I think Quentin Tarantino and Woody Allen are rubbish anyway – For so long, I’ve been held back by the sexist male genius paradox

The masked feminist brigade vandalizing misogynistic ads – from 11/12/17

When Barbie went to war with Bratz – How a legal battle over intellectual property exposed a cultural battle over sex, gender roles, and the workplace – from the New Yorker

New Tomb Raider Barbie finally gives the doll a good stealth assassination weapon

Ex-Canadian PM says women’s bare arms on TV “demeaning”

Cross party calls for misogyny to be a hate crime – Letter from Green Party and others

Poundland “naughty” elf ad deemed “irresponsible” by regulator

Doritos announces new bag for crisps just for women

AND:  • Doritos to launch “ladies-only” crisps as apparently women don’t like to crunch loudly

AND: • Same sh•t, different era

Formula 1: “Grid girls” will not be used at races this season

“Walk-on girls” should be banned across all sports, says Women’s Sports Trust

AND: • Yes, employing walk-on girls is sexist. But we can’t blame the women

Gambling firms defy calls to stamp out sexist behaviour at event

Lorde takes out newspaper advert in wake of Grammys snub to women 

AND: • Female musicians hit back at Grammy president who told them to “step up”

AND: • Grammy president “regrets” saying female musicians need to “step up”

AND: • The 2018 Grammys were all about women – until it came to them actually winning anything

AND: • Why Kesha should have won “Best Pop Vocal Performance” Grammy

Don’t let the media tell you that the #MeToo backlash is about younger versus older women

64 thank yous: inspiring women pay tribute to the heroines who blazed a trail before them

“As a 1990s teenager, the world gave us girl power and pornification”

Tweet about the Guardian Jobs advert that specified “Good personality – able to deal with the male banter and be sociable but not distracting”

These incredibly sexist ads just got an amazing makeover

5 conversations to have with your kids after “Wonder Woman”

How to Ride a Bike – interesting 37-minute podcast

Susan B. Anthony once called bicycles the ticket to "free, untrammelled womanhood" ... but can women really pedal their way to empowerment? Cristen and Caroline investigate the complicated history of bicycles and catcalling, and talk to a modern, badass bike messenger about out how to clap back at douchebags
• FROM new series Unladylike
• BY previous presenters of Stuff Mom Never Told You podcast – and discussed in this 36-minute podcast

I don’t wear makeup for men. I wear makeup for my nana who said I look tired

Women are not happy about article criticising “sexy” yoga gear

Rereading Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own in the #MeToo era

The best signs from the Time’s Up women’s march in London – 21/1/18

AND: • Thousands join Women’s March in London for gender equality – with 1-minute video

AND: • Women’s March London: Crowds take to streets for Time’s Up rally against sexual harassment and gender inequality

AND: • Time’s Up rally: Why thousands of women marched on London – in their words – includes 1.5-minute video

Natalie Portman spoke about the rape fantasies she was subjected to aged 13 – includes powerful 4-minute video

AND: • Natalie Portman’s 2018 Women’s March speech told the revolting story of the sexism she faced as a 13-year-old actor

Female traffic light signals a step-forward for equality – from 7/3/17

Make misogyny a hate crime and “upskirting” illegal, UK report recommends

Helen Mirren tells women: record “sleazebag” men on your iPhone

The 100-year-old protest posters that show women’s outrage

Celebrate 100 years of Votes for Women – from UK Parliament
Today marks 100 years since some women were given the right to vote for the first time. Explore the votes for women campaign and women’s rights today with 10 free themed teaching resources for primary and secondary, including assembly and lesson plans, videos and interactive whiteboard slides

Meet the new suffragettes

WE EXIST – 38-minute podcast
Hosted by Liv Little (producer, writer, editor) with Helen Pankhurst (who works for CRE International, is an international development and women's rights activist and the great-granddaughter of Emmeline, granddaughter of Sylvia Pankhurst), Sophie Duker (stand-up comedian, founder, host of cult comedy night Wacky Racists and star of new feminist comedy pilot 'Riot Girls' on Channel 4) and Anita Anand (broadcaster and author of Sophia: Princess, Suffragette, Revolutionary)

What does resistance look like 100 years after the Suffragettes, and where do we go from here? Discussion of what the last 100 years has looked like for UK women, how to keep our resistance intersectional, and what resistance means in 2018 and beyond

PAST EVENT #GirlsCount: ONE’s new campaign for girls’ education
130 million girls across the globe are denied an education. So we're asking the world to count them, one by one, to urge our political leaders to help get them into school

AND: • Add your voice by recording one number up to 130 million

PAST EVENT #March4Women on Sunday 4 March in London
A march to celebrate International Women’s Day and 100 years since women in the UK first got the vote – followed by an inspirational rally at Trafalgar Square with music, poetry and speeches from some of the biggest names in women’s rights (from Sadiq Khan: I’m redoubling my efforts to fight for gender equality in London. Make your voice heard - join #March4Women, London’s biggest #WomensDay march and be part of a global movement)




The British Army’s belonging campaign finally recognises that masculinity has changed

Contemporary Fathers in the UK: our review of research on British dads – from 4/12/17 from the Fatherhood Institute (“The UK’s fatherhood think-and-do tank”)
In post-industrial economies, reconciling provisioning and daily care of one’s family is an important task for both men and women. The bulk of the “Cash or Carry?: Fathers combining work and care in the UK” report examines how contemporary British fathers manage such reconciliation, and the contexts (cultural, legislative, institutional, social and familial) framing their behaviour

Our desire to rehabilitate men is classic “himpathy”

The #MeToo Moment: I’m a straight man. Now what?

We need to talk about how toxic masculinity is killing America

AND: • America’s gun violence problem is a symptom of toxic masculinity

What actually helps? – HeForShe event on 9 March – tickets £16.50
How can we engage a male audience to inspire a change of culture that can help bring attitudes towards women and gender equality into the 21st century? Join us as we discuss how men, women, businesses, organisations and those who find themselves in positions of power can help enable change by highlighting how we can break damaging behavioural habits and take steps to alter negative attitudes towards women. Featuring Robert Webb (comedian/author), Sophie Walker (Women’s Equality Party) Chi Onwurah MP (Labout Shadow Secretary for Industrial Strategy), David Brockway (Great Men Initiative)


[See also CONSENT section for pieces on how men are approaching consent]


Sisters, this is our moment to say Time’s Up – Women in entertainment and activists speak out on sexual harassment, discrimination and abuse – long opinion-piece letters in the Guardian

Domestic violence activists Sisters Uncut invade Baftas red carpet – includes 3-minute video of Bafta speeches referring to #MeToo

Men Only: Inside the charity fundraiser where hostesses are put on show

AND: • The Presidents Club: Hostesses “groped and propositioned” at prestigious male-only charity dinner in Mayfair hotel

AND: • Men-only clubs and menace: how the establishment maintains male power

AND: • The Presidents Club scandal proves women are undeniably vulnerable in the workplace

AND: • The Presidents Club has gone. But the grim male fantasies live on

AND: • I hope the feminists are proud of themselves: the Presidents Club was clearly all part of a clever plan and now it's ruined

#MeToo can’t cover the bleak reality of the Oxfam sexual-abuse scandal

AND: • Sexualised atmosphere among aid workers in Haiti disturbed me

AND: • Oxfam scandal deepens with allegations of “sex for aid” and abuse in charity shops 

AND: • Paying for sex is always an abuse of power

Brendan Cox should say sorry and mean it, and then go away

CSE (child sexual exploitation) focus “diverts attention from other forms of abuse”, NSPCC warns 

AND: • Do more to tackle family child sex abuse, NSPCC says

AND: • Child sex abuse in the family – 28-minute Eyes on Wales radio programme from 14/2/18

French girl, 11, “not a child” say lawyers for man, 29, accused of sexual abuse

Women break their silence over sexual harassment at Islam’s holiest site

The weaponization of awkwardness – from 15/12/17

The female price of male pleasure – great quotes include: 

UK screen industries unite over eight rules to tackle harassment

One in five women have been sexually assaulted, survey finds 

How I found out my father was convicted of sexual assault

Millennial feminists peddle myths about porn

Cambridge University received 173 anonymous reports of sexual misconduct in nine months

Rose McGowan’s memoir, Brave, is an unprecedented expression of female rage

The testimony from women abused by Larry Nassar is powerful and heartbreaking

AND: • Larry Nassar and the impulse to doubt female pain

AND: • The price I paid for taking on Larry Nassar

AND: • Victim impact statements against Larry Nassar: “I thought I was going to die”

#MeToo Backlash | January 17, 2018 Act 1 | Full Frontal on TBS – 7-minute video of American comedian Samantha Bee

How should young women react as #MeToo moves into dating? Female writers discuss

When you can’t throw all men into the ocean and start over, what CAN you do? – from 11/11/17

Charlamagne finally realizes men have been raised on rape culture – 5-minute video from 10/11/17

A harassed woman tweeting her story isn’t tantamount to a witch hunt

“Westminster says it wants to end sexual harassment – but it’s not doing enough”




More than half of MPs want sexual consent training

I’m a sexual consent educator. Here’s what’s missing in the Aziz Ansari conversation

We urgently need to talk about the grey areas of bad sexual encounters

The Aziz Ansari story is ordinary. That’s why we have to talk about it

AND: • The poorly reported Aziz Ansari exposé was a missed opportunity

AND: • #MeToo doesn't lack nuance. Its critics do

AND: • This is not a sex panic

Consensual sex is key to happiness and good health, science says

The monster inside me – reflections by a man on the Aziz Ansari allegations

AND: • In the midst of #MeToo, what type of man do you want to be?

AND: • To raise a feminist son, talk to him about Aziz Ansari

AND: • I thought I was one of the good guys. Then I read the Aziz Ansari story

AND: • Why we should all keep talking about Aziz Ansari – by GQ’s Guyliner

AND: • Why men (should) care about the Ansari situation

CONSENT – Project Pleasure with Frankie Wells and Anouszka Tate – from 13/11/17 – 1-hour programme from Roundhouse Radio
Frankie and Anouszka are putting a Spotlight On Sex, showcasing a spoken word piece about a harrowing sexual assault, hearing from three young women about when they feel their choice to consent has been taken away in Switching Positions, and asking how we can teach consent in A Good Debriefing with Sexpression:UK's Jenny Dhingra. Roundhouse Radio is a proving ground for a new generation of radio talent, all aged 11-25. We have over 30 shows from brilliant new music to experimental drama, spoken word, exclusive interviews and much more

When your crush wants too much – advice to young people on setting boundaries from Girlology / Guyology (American) “Honest parent-child conversations about puberty, emerging sexuality. Physician-led. Kid-powered. Cringe-free” – read about them here




Tryst Network – Sex-positive resource encouraging open conversation and providing accurate and relevant information about sex, relationships and bodies – and out to improve the sexual health IQ of women and their partners using funny, provocative and empowering online content

Watch 3 brilliant, confident short videos starring Jessica Biel about sexual anatomy, self-exploration and pleasure

AND: • Jessica Biel And WCG Partner On The Tryst Network

AND: • WCG founding CEO Saundra Pelletier and activist/actor Jessica Biel talk about their new collaboration and the importance of sex positivity

AND: • The power of sex positivity

Libido Liberation – 1 hour 20 minute Stuff Mom Never Told You podcast (American)

Women’s sex drives and expression shift in response to a wide range of factors. So when libido dips, why are we so quick to pathologize it? Cristen and Caroline talk with filmmaker Maria Finitzo about her latest project (The Dilemma of Desire – a look into female desire) and women having agency over their own bodies

Dark Fantasies Part 1 with Dr Ian Kerner – Dear Sugars podcast from the New York Times
Orgies. Sex in public. Incest. These are the things that some of us think about in the dark. Taboo sexual fantasies can be exciting, but they can also be the source of our deepest shame. Are they always born of trauma? The Sugars advise

AND: • Dark Fantasies Part 2 with Dr Ian Kerner – Dear Sugars podcast from the New York Times
Where do our core erotic themes come from? And is it possible to escape their grip? What can you do if you’re disgusted by your own sexual fantasies? The Sugars advise

Why do people have sex? – blog post from 11/8/17

My wife always climaxes during foreplay, leaving me feeling as if I am just servicing her – question sent to Sexual Healing advice column by Pamela Stephenson Connolly

Why she’s faking an orgasm

I want you but I’m triggered: finding pleasure when trauma and memory collide

Exploring sexual fulfilment with sex therapist Dr Hernando Chaves – 56-minute podcast on sexual gratification from 13/11/17 – the Smartest Person in the Room podcast (Ep 26 Mind-Body Series)

MASTURBATION – Project Pleasure with Frankie Wells and Anouszka Tate – from 12/2/18 – 1-hour programme from Roundhouse Radio
Anouszka and Frankie get masturbation tips and tricks from superstar sex educator Alix Fox, as well as exploring sex toys for everyone regardless of gender or physical ability with inclusive sex toy shop The Pleasure Garden. We also ask – and get the answers to – all those embarrassing masturbation-related questions that you secretly want to know the answers to with our agony aunt Zoe Ligon. Plus with a little help from our guests we try to come up with a new word for masturbation. Roundhouse Radio is a proving ground for a new generation of radio talent, all aged 11-25. We have over 30 shows from brilliant new music to experimental drama, spoken word, exclusive interviews and much more




Pornhub 2017 Year in Review

AND: • Pornhub 2017 Year in Review Insights Report reveals statistical proof we love porn

AND: • What the latest data reveals about our passion for pornography – and its legality

AND: • Pornhub releases United States top searches from coast to coast – image gallery with 99 infographic maps interactively illustrating traffic, terms and other categories by US state

In 2018 porn is an industry: and it’s not sex that’s being sold, it’s abuse

What teenagers are learning from online porn 

AND: • Let’s ban porn

AND: • Pupils analyse porn as part of their sex education

The XXX generation: how porn is hurting our kids

Ann Summers can’t claim to empower women when it is teaming up with Pornhub

Kansas resolution continues societal awakening about the negative impacts of pornography

AND: • Press statement: Kansas State legislature passes resolution on public health harms of pornography

Fifty Shades Freed – blog posts from the organisation Fight The New Drug about how the Fifty Shades franchise normalizes abuse; the alarmingly similar ways porn and Fifty Shades romanticize abuse; There’s No Room for Fifty Shades in a #MeToo world; the connection between reading Fifty Shades and health risk in young adult females

Three reasons why not watching porn is the most sex positive thing you can do

AND: • 10 reminders that you deserve better than what porn offers

Dirty Dozen List 2018 – 12 Leading Facilitators of Sexual Exploitation – includes past victories – from National Center On Sexual Exploitation (American) 

Since 2013 the National Center on Sexual Exploitation has published an annual Dirty Dozen List to name and shame the mainstream players – well-established brands, companies, and organizations – in America that perpetuate, profit from or facilitate sexual exploitation through pornography, prostitution, sexual objectification, sexual violence and/or sex trafficking

AND: • Gamers react to NCOSE’s fight against sexually exploitive video games

AND: • YouTube’s search autofill revealed shocking child sex results

Deepfakes porn has serious consequences

AND: • “Deepfake” face-swap porn videos banned by Pornhub and Twitter

Theresa May’s chief of staff Gavin Barwell “regrets” Twitter blunder that linked to X-rated porn videos

Film review: Pornland: How The Porn Industry Has Hijacked Our Sexuality – from Men and Masculinities Journal on 23/4/15

About the journal: Men and Masculinities (JMM) offers high-quality, interdisciplinary research in the emerging field of men and masculinities studies. JMM presents peer-reviewed empirical and theoretical scholarship grounded in the most current theoretical perspectives within gender studies, including feminism, queer theory and multiculturalism. Using diverse methodologies, JMM's articles explore the evolving roles and perceptions of men across society

Mark Salling case demonstrates dangers of pornography addiction

AND: • Mark Salling Case: An opportunity to reflect on the harms of pornography

Culture Reframed Parents Program – from Building young people’s resilience and resistance to porn culture while promoting their healthy development. This free online program provides culturally competent, research-driven, age-based educational videos, downloads and resource links for parents

AND: • My son turned 9 years old this week… – from 27/7/17

Shame, porn and perversion – on Erica Garza’s “Getting Off”!


In Her Own Words: Sports Illustrated models celebrate more than just their bodies AND: • Aly Raisman addresses the backlash over posing nude for Sports Illustrated Swim

AND: • Aly Raisman wears only her words in her latest Sports Illustrated shoot

AND: • Well, Sports Illustrated attempted a swimsuit issue for the #MeToo era

Would you raise your kids in a naked house? Ben Fogle’s parenting splits opinion

Twerking through trauma
For Kelechi Okafor, a twerk instructor in South London, twerking is a feminist movement and she is an unapologetic advocate of empowering women – 4-minute video

Why you should love your “saggy boobs”
Blogger Chidera Eggerue wants women to celebrate breasts – 2-minute video

Kim Kardashian has changed the face of beauty – and that’s not a good thing

How to get a yoga body with Jessamyn Stanley – 45-minute podcast from Unladylike (What Happen When Women Break the Rules?)

AND: • How Jessamyn Stanley fights being “deeply afraid of” her body – from 12/4/17

Expanding our imagination: 9 novels that show fat people themselves

My body used to be about crop tops and sex. Now, it’s about power

Up to a million Britons use steroids for looks not sport

The UK has an eating disorder epidemic. How do we stop it?

AND: • Eating disorders: NHS reports surge in hospital admissions

Body love: Rejecting fatphobia and gaining confidence – from Rookie (online magazine for teenage girls)

The truth about virginity – feminist 7-minute YouTube video by young science educator Matthew Shribman to: “1) combat ongoing injustice for women being ostracised from their communities; 2) ensure that victims of sexual abuse don’t have to suffer under the enormous weight of long-held untruths”

Already whole: how Hollywood’s biggest hits shut out disability

1000BodiesProject – from 2015
Imagine yourself in a photo studio, alone and naked with a black mask and a remote camera trigger. You get one shot. Do you dare?

1000BodiesProject is a nude art project about confidence, pushing boundaries, natural beauty and diversity. It is a dual project: the photo shoots themselves are performance pieces for those who participate, and the final product will be an exhibition and photo book.

What separates 1000BodiesProject from other nude projects is the sheer number of people involved, the fact that every photo is shot by the participants themselves, and the choice of anonymity.

“A visit from Aunt Flo” from HelloFlo shows the many reactions to your period – 2-minute video from 13/4/16

PERIODS – Project Pleasure with Frankie Wells and Anouszka Tate – from 11/12/17 – 1-hour programme from Roundhouse Radio
It’s that time of the month again …and it’s THAT time of the month as Anouszka and Frankie are talking periods! In this episode Project Pleasure explores why there’s so much shame and secrecy in imagery, arts and advertising of menstruation, as well as hearing from different women about their relationship with their own period. Plus, Frankie’s been keeping an audio diary of her first daunting experience of using a menstrual cup. Roundhouse Radio is a proving ground for a new generation of radio talent, all aged 11-25. We have over 30 shows from brilliant new music to experimental drama, spoken word, exclusive interviews and much more




Place rainbow flags in GP surgeries to encourage patients to “come out”

Barnardo’s anti-homophobic bullying programme celebrates success in LGBT History Month

How I fight sexism and homophobia as a teen “Gender Ambassador”

7 steps to making your school more LGBTQ+ inclusive

Religious groups mount campaign against teaching about same-sex marriage

Lesbian couple to star in McCain TV ad after gay men faced abuse

Gay couple who kissed during Valentine’s meal leave restaurant when owner tells them it is “family friendly”

School textbooks will be updated to include same sex couples in their questions, Pearson says

Trans Identity ft. Steph Kyriacou | Voicebox | Childline – 6-minute video

Marvel misses another easy opportunity for LGBTQ representation with Black Panther

Rose McGowan breaks down when confronted about trans rights: “I didn’t agree to your cis f—ing world”

AND: • Update: Rose McGowan got into a shouting match with a trans woman at a book event; cancels public appearances

SEXUALITY – Project Pleasure with Frankie Wells and Anouszka Tate – from 8/1/18 – 1-hour programme from Roundhouse Radio
In this episode Project Pleasure explores sexuality by hearing from a number of people who all identify differently in terms of their race, gender, and sexuality. They open up in Switching Positions to explain their relationships with their own bodies and sexuality, as well as with the world around them. We also chat to Milly Evans, a youth campaigner with Stonewall, about why it’s so vital that the new sex and relationships education curriculum is inclusive of LGBT relationships. Roundhouse Radio is a proving ground for a new generation of radio talent, all aged 11-25. We have over 30 shows from brilliant new music to experimental drama, spoken word, exclusive interviews and much more

PAST EVENT LGBT History Month – from 1 February
Theme – Geography: Mapping the World. We will be commemorating two rather sombre events; the 30th anniversary of the passing of Section 28, which prohibited local authorities from disseminating materials that ‘promoted homosexuality’ in schools; and the 40th anniversary of the murder by shooting of Harvey Milk, the USA’s first out-gay elected councillor. On a happier note, the rainbow flag was launched upon an unsuspecting public in 1978, although sadly its creator Gilbert Baker passed away last year. And 2018 marks the 20th anniversary of Sarah Waters’ classic Tipping the Velvet (see review below)

AND: • “It was an electric time to be gay”: Sarah Waters on 20 years of Tipping the Velvet

PAST EVENT In “Threesome,” three artists explore queerness and the female gaze – exhibition on at New Art Projects, 6D Sheep Lane, London E8 until 4 March

AND: • Threesome and 3x3 – Studio International

AND: • Threesome and 3x3 – All About Shipping

To mark the 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality in 2017, the Sex in History Project website is showcasing objects from across the country's collections, from an 11,000 year old sculpture (British Museum) to a drawing of a female pirate (Royal Greenwich Museums), together with free lesson ideas for using each object as the basis of LGBT+ focused discussions with young people

AND: • Rethinking Sexology – The cross-disciplinary invention of sexuality: sexual science beyond the medical, 1890-1940

LGBT Awareness – from House of Commons on 29/1/18
Answers to:
What steps are being taken to ensure that all schools teach awareness of LGBT issues in an age-appropriate manner?

  1. With the change in leadership at the Department, does the news Secretary of State share the commitment of his predecessor that relationship and sex education lessons must be lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender inclusive and reflect the needs of all young people?

  2. How will schools be assessed to ensure that they are providing LGBT-inclusive relationship and sex education lessons, and what benchmark will be used to measure this?

Petition – Provision of LGBT Inclusive Education in Schools in House of Commons – on 20/2/18




Ministers too “politically correct” to enforce hijab policy in schools, former Ofsted boss warns

Black Panther deserves to be worshipped

AND: • The growth of Marvel’s universe through “Black Panther” is welcome

AND: • In “Black Panther,” black women thrive

AND: • How Black Panther is bringing Afrofuturism into the mainstream

AND: • 5 lessons from Black Panther that can save our lives and transform black politics

AND: • What “Black Panther” means to black boys and black girls

AND: • Yet another reason why Shuri is the greatest Disney princess ever

AND: • The “Black Panther” cast participated in a Twitter Q&A

AND: • 5 conversations to have with your kids after “Black Panther”

After Black Panther, now is the time for a Storm movie

Afua Hirsch on race and identity in 2018

Kids’ misuse of the term “racist" is dangerous – so let’s disrupt it – American article

Street style is killing itself with its narrow focus on thin white women

No invisibility cloak: white feminism won’t save Aziz Ansari from himself




Facebook should identify children at risk of mental health problems, Jeremy Hunt says

NSPCC Are you there? petition
The NSPCC has launched ‘Are you there?’ a campaign calling on the Secretary of State for Education and the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, to increase government funding for the Childline service so it can be there to support any child, at any time.
Source: NSPCC Are you there? petition Date: 26 January 2018

Amplified – an NHS England funded programme working to develop the participation of children, young people and their families at every level of the mental health system

OCD ft. Katie d’Ath | Voice Box | Childline

Child mental health
The Guardian reports on findings from CHILDWISE’s Monitor Report 2018, examining children and young people’s media consumption, purchasing habits and social issues. Surveys were completed by 2,000 children aged 5-16 – responses from 9-to 16-year-olds show that: 79% felt stressed by schoolwork, 72% experienced feelings of worry or anxiety, 58% had fears they were not good enough and 57% felt they did not look good enough. The number of children worrying about war, terrorism and global events has increased, with one in three aged 9-16 more worried about conflict in the world than anything else

GUARDIAN PIECE • Number of children worrying about war and terror rises sharply

AND: • New study reveals UK children’s growing anxiety about war and terrorism – press release

FROM: • Childwise –  a leading specialist in research with children and young people

Duchess of Cambridge launches children’s mental health scheme at north London school

New survey shows half of all schoolchildren feel sad or anxious every week

Mental health problems in young people, aged 11 to 14: results from the first HeadStart annual survey of 30,000 children
Looks at the prevalence of mental health problems in young people and how this varies depending on demographic factors. Analyses data from the HeadStart programme, which was set up by the Big Lottery Fund to explore and test ways to improve the wellbeing of 10- to 16-year-olds. Findings from an annual survey of 30,843 children and young people in Years 7 and 9 in 114 schools include: children who were eligible for free school meals; had special educational needs; and/or were categorised as a “child in need” were more likely to experience emotional and/or behavioural mental health problems

Politicians urged to involve children in developing mental health system

Beyond Adversity: Addressing the mental health needs of young people who face complexity and adversity in their lives – from charity Young Minds
Half of all mental health issues begin before the age of 14. If they continue into adulthood, they can have a significant impact on physical and mental health. The new report suggests that there are fundamental misunderstandings about young peoples’ behaviour which means the problem is not being properly addressed

Children as young as three are self-harming, say teachers

“We really wanted to be part of the solution rather than the problem” – Meet Vivien Jones, founder of Kookie, a new print magazine for tweenage girls

What recent steps has the Department for Education taken to ensure that information and support is provided on eating disorders for pupils in secondary schools? – asked in Parliament by Steve Double, Conservative, St Austell and Newquay

Social Anxiety ft Khaled and Laura | Voicebox | Childline – 5-minute video

Coping With Stress series – a three-part series – read about it here: Childline

Part 1) Coping with Stress: Mindfulness  | Voicebox | Childline
Three-part series from Childline’s weekly video chat featuring Childline counsellor Raz talking about three mindfulness techniques to try when coping with stress

Part 2) Coping with Stress: Grounding Yourself

Part 3) Coping with Stress: Calming Exercises

MindEd – a free educational resource on children and young people's mental health for all adults with advice written and quality assured by experts in child and adolescent mental health – funded by the Department of Health and Department for Education

Young people’s wellbeing – findings from the Prince’s Trust annual Youth Index
Based on a survey of 2,194 young people aged 16 to 25 in the UK including: overall level of happiness and confidence young people feel is at the lowest since 2009; worries about body image affect more young women (60%) than young men (36%)
Source: The Prince’s Trust Further information: Youth index 2018 (PDF)

The wellbeing of 15-year-olds
Public Health England has published further analysis of the 2014 What About YOUth? (WAY) survey which examined the relationships between health behaviours and attitudes on the wellbeing of 15 year-olds. Findings include: young people who engaged in behaviour which might harm their health such as drinking and smoking, poor diet or little exercise, or who had negative feelings about their body size, and those with a disability, long-term illness or medical condition reported lower wellbeing; and young people who described their sexual orientation as gay, lesbian, bisexual or “other” were more likely to have lower wellbeing than those who declared themselves heterosexual
Source: Public Health England  Further information: The wellbeing of 15 year-olds: further analysis of the 2014 What About YOUth? Survey (PDF)

PAST EVENT Have your say on the government’s proposals
The Government has published a green paper laying out its plans for Children’s Mental Health Services. They are asking for your view… – closes on 2 March – advice from YoungMinds

PAST EVENT Children’s Mental Health Week – Place2Be (5-11 February 2018)

YoungMinds’ blog – in connection with Children’s Mental Health Week (5-11 February 2018)

FEATURING: • Why I speak about my mental health –  CBBC presenter Katie Thistleton

Mental Health First Aid

A free two-day course you are eligible to attend if you live, work, study or volunteer in either the London Borough of Camden or Islington.

Learn to recognise early signs of mental health problems and respond appropriately to assist people in your community, family or workplace. Gain practical skills to offer initial support to someone experiencing and mental health problem while keeping yourself safe. You will also be provided with local service. We also run one day Mental Health Awareness courses for public service workplaces – free in Islington and Camden for most non-mental health professional public facing staff. For details contact




Is social media causing childhood depression?

Child development experts urge Facebook to pull Messenger Kids app

AND: • Sign the petition – Messenger Kids’ emojis, colorful stickers, and animations are designed to draw and hold children’s attention even if they’re tooo oung to type. Kids will want to stay on the app for its fun design, and because it’s where their friends are. But moving friendships online displaces the genuine interactions crucial for developing empathy and healthy relationships. And the app’s enticements will make it harder to set screen time limits, something more than half of parents already say is a “constant battle.”
Facebook asserts that Messenger Kids will provide a safe alternative for the kids who have been lying their way onto social media platforms designed for teens and adults. But the 11- and 12-year-olds already on Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook won’t switch to an app clearly designed for young kids. Messenger Kids is not responding to a need. It’s creating one.
Please sign our petition and tell Mark Zuckerberg to wield his immense influence in a way that helps children thrive: no Facebook for five-year-olds! 

Setting boundaries for tech addicted kids (and parents)

Digital media helps with parenting and brings families together

AND: • Digital media and family life
The London School of Economics (LSE) has published a report looking at how parents and carers approach the task of bringing up their children in the digital age, and the risks or opportunities they see for the future. Findings from a survey of 2,032 parents of children and young people aged 0-17 in the UK show that: digital media brings families together through TV, movies and video games, and keeps them in touch through calls, emails, texts, messaging apps and video chat but that parents lack support for dealing with digital dilemmas

Report: “In the digital home, how do parents support their children and who supports them? Parenting for a Digital Future: Survey Report 1”

AND: • LSE Thinks | Sonia Livingstone – Parenting For A Digital Future – 3-minute video about findings from the Parenting for a Digital Future report

AND: • Digital media can enhance family life, says LSE study

AND: • Making the internet safer for children: the global evidence

Vodafone Digital Life Skills workshop

AND: • Digital Life Skills quiz

AND: • “Ordinary Magic for The Digital Age” – report on resilience from Parent Zone (“Making the Internet Work for Families”) with Vodafone

Digital knowledge and skills
The UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS) has published a framework for those working with children describing the digital knowledge and skills that children and young people should have the opportunity to develop at different ages and stages of their lives. The framework covers: self-image and identity; online relationships; online bullying; managing online information; health wellbeing and lifestyle

Snapchat’s newest feature is a location nightmare for parents

How to watch TV with your kids

Stop Speak Support – advice for children about online bullying

Government urged to tackle online grooming

Online child sexual abuse images
Think-tank Demos has published a briefing looking at child sexual abuse images (CSAI) and their distribution and consumption online. Recommendations to government and social media organisations include: improving measurements of online CSAI; a greater focus on prevention; and including digital life skills as part of the PSHE curriculum
Source: Internet Watch Foundation news item Further information: Online child sexual abuse imagery: briefing (PDF)

Primary schools close the gap in online safety education: latest 360 report finds

More than 1,300 cases of sexual communication with a child recorded in 6 months after change in the law

NSPCC calls for mandatory social media code of practice

The more gender equality, the fewer women in STEM

Smartphone addiction made me restless, anxious and muddled

PAST EVENT Invitation to participate in nationwide pupil online-safety survey
The NSPCC and the London Grid for Learning (LGfL) are running a pupil online safety survey, free to all UK primary and secondary schools closing on 28 February. Designed for pupils across Key Stages 2-4, it covers a range of online safety issues. Schools need to sign up in advance. Findings will improve our understanding of the risks children and young people face online as well as providing a better understanding of attitude and behavioural trends that will help inform policy and educational resources
Source: LGfL Nationwide pupil online-safety survey information page Further information: Sign up your school: pupil online-safety survey for safer internet day 2018

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