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Sex ed in the news 

Round-up from 2/1 to 21/1/18

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Why yogis are going naked on Instagram


"Dave the Period Fairy" has become a viral sensation after a woman shared her nightmare hiking experience on Reddit – from 10/17


No one releases Sia's nudes but Sia

AND: • Sia leaks naked paparazzi photo of herself on Twitter in act of defiance "to save fans from having to pay money to see it"

AND: • Someone was trying to sell Sia's nudes, so she released one for free





Just getting on: young people’s views on gender, emotional well-being and mental health – National Children's Bureau report from 8/17 Looks at how young people cope with difficulties and seek help, and considers how gender affects their experiences. Findings include: young people are aware of expectations on boys and men to appear strong and not show emotion; sharing problems seems more acceptable among young women than men; some girls and young women felt that adults perceived their emotional distress as an over-reaction to minor friendship issues. Recommends that gender should be actively considered in policy-making, commissioning, service design and delivery, workforce development and research.





Sexting: how to respond to an incident – Overview of sexting guidance for all teaching and non-teaching staff in schools and colleges from the UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS) outlining what action a member of staff should take if sexting is reported or discovered – from 9/10/17


Police report sharp rise in sexting cases involving children in England and Wales – Senior officer suggests ‘lack of universal relationship and sex education’ is compounding problem as 17 offences are recorded every day (plus worries about sharing links to extreme porn)


Manchester police face legal bid over teen's naked photo details


Dealing with unwanted requests for sexual images

Voice Box, Childline’s weekly video chat, on how to handle the pressure of being asked to send nudes, and what to do if you receive one. Childline has relaunched the Zipit app, which uses humour to help teenagers deal with unwanted requests for sexual images of themselves. The free app offers young people a gallery of images and animations which they can send in response to requests for sexual pictures and to deal with difficult sexting situations.

AND: • Zipit app – from Childline: "to help you get flirty chat back on track… If someone's trying to get you to send them naked images of yourself, use the images on Zipit to keep the situation in control"


NSPCC report on child sexual abuse (CSA) carried out using online or digital technologies (technology assisted CSA or TA-CSA) – "Everyone deserves to be happy and safe": a mixed methods study exploring how online and offline child sexual abuse impact young people and how professionals respond to it


The sneaky science behind your kid's tech obsessions

System Updating: Technology and Ethics in a Brave New World – GeekGirl Meetup's 5th annual conference Held on 2/12/17, at Rise London, Shoreditch. Tickets £35
Is tech overtaking ethics? Or will it help us create a better future? From AI to automation, future cities to fake news: see how today's brightest women are shaping our future. Featuring talks, panels and workshops on how tech can have a positive impact, as well as "stations for good" where you can contribute to making a difference straightaway! Because if you don't like something, fix it.





These NSFW illustrations prove masturbation isn't something to be ashamed about – from 25/1/17 [see attachments: 3 beautiful drawings]

AND: • How her work was cropped/censored on Instagram

AND: • Jordyn McGeachin Tumblr account


A guide to female orgasms that every woman should read


"We're as hidden as our clitorises": how Nancy Friday liberated women's sexuality

AND: • Why Nancy Friday's 1970s collection of women's sexual fantasies still matters

AND: • Nancy Friday, 84, best-selling student of gender politics, dies





#20 minutes of action 4 change – campaign in conjunction with White Ribbon Campaign fathers to talk to sons about consent on 25/11/17, International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women: "We're turning the deplorable phrase '20 minutes of action' from the Stanford rape case on its head by encouraging dads to take 20 minutes to talk to their sons about consent"

INCLUDES: • Start the conversation

• Facts, myths and truths





What happens to women who complain of sexual harassment? "You're branded a troublemaker"


Is sexual harassment really difficult to understand?


I know how demeaning harassment is. But weaponising the past is not the answer


Heard too much on sexual harassment? No, not yet enough


The Guardian view on sexual harassment in Westminster: no grey areas, no excuses


The Observer view on sexual harassment in Westminster


The Palace of Pestminster


If we can't talk about sex, we can't stop sexual abuse


Polly Toynbee: what's changed since I started work – 7-minute intergenerational video interview with the Guardian columnist by journalist Iman Amrani on 3/11/17


The Royal Court's Vicky Featherstone: "We all knew about sexual harassment. We. All. Knew"


How do sexual assault victims feel when the media fails them like this?


Actor Harry Dreyfuss: When I was 18, Kevin Spacey groped me


Jo Brand praised for taking all-male "Have I Got News For You" panel to task over sexual harassment jokes

AND: • Jo Brand silences all-male Have I Got News For You panel over House of Commons sexual harassment comments


I didn't understand how widespread rape was. Then the penny dropped


Student's "sexual predator" list names professors – list of testimonies in India


Early life experience, sexual trauma and mental health – from Pornhub


Sexual assault is not a partisan issue


Journalist Petronella Wyatt tells Today programme she was "flattered" by groping in Westminster

AND: • It's OK, women! Petronella Wyatt explains that being groped is "flattering"



Men now consider mental health more important than physical health

AND: • A major study about the state of masculinity just launched – and your vote matters! – from 25/5/17 (survey now closed; see next article)

AND: • The metrosexual is dead – and a new kind of sensitive man killed him – results of UCL + Martin Daubney state-of-masculinity survey (see previous article)


Calvin and Hobbes showed the trouble with organized sports and father figures


Woman shares 14 things men can do better after #MeToo goes viral – from 17/10/17

AND: •  Original Facebook post (shared 70,000 times): Today my timeline is full of decent men asking, "How can I help?" – from 16/10/17

AND: • What decent men can do in response to #MeToo – reworking of her 14 items

AND: • Nicole Stamp has a few ways men can do better – includes 8-minute radio interview with her top 3





Who was Jackie Forster? Google Doodle celebrates 91st birthday of gays rights activist and TV reporters

AND: • Obituary: Jackie Forster


13 historic victories for women and LGBT candidates this election day

AND: • Virginia elects transgender person to state legislature

AND: • Watching Danica Roem make history for trans people like me


Edward Enninful addresses diversity debate with first cover for British Vogue





#NoPornovember – from the National Center on Sexual Exploitation – Join our friends in the movement at Fight the New Drugthis month as they launch their annual #NoPornovember hashtag campaign! They will also be having "Rep The Movement Day" on November 17th, and they are hoping that it can be a day for all organisations and activists in this movement to raise awareness and spark conversations using the hashtags #repthemovement #nopornovember #npn2017 #stopthedemand and #fightthenewdrug


Butterfly Effect podcast from journalist Jon Ronson – now available for free on iTunes

AND: • Welcome note

AND: • Podcast: The Butterfly Effect – unexpectedly moving


Pornogrind and flying intestines: my journey into the labyrinth of underground metal


Hardcore Hate – conference on tackling pornography – held on 9/12/17 in Gloucester. Tickets £15

Join leading academics, activists and cultural commentators for a day of discussions and workshops on the theme of tackling pornography. Part of the UN designated 16 Days to End Violence Against Women and Girls.

Speakers include:

·       Renowned author, activist and academic Professor Shelia Jefferys

·       Acclaimed author, academic and co-founder of Stop Porn Culture Dr Heather Brunskell-Evans

·       Writer, campaigner and blogger behind Sister Outrider, Claire Heuchan

·       Founder of Object and Director of NotBuyingIt Dr Sasha Raskoff

·       Sex trade survivor, writer and campaigner with Nordic Model Now! Rae Story

·       Blogger and journalist Victoria Smith, aka Glosswitch

·       Award-winning activist, founder of Gloucestershire Sisters and co-director of Critical Sisters Sadia Hameed





It's no accident that sexual harassers rise up the ranks


Westminster sex pest scandal shows parliament is sick, weak and lets men rule


A #MeToo moment for the European Parliament


After the tide of sexual harassment cases I realized: I'm a bit of a sexist


When you are replaceable and he will never be


How do we prevent another Harvey Weinstein? Burn down the system that created him


Why conservative women defend sexist men


20 shocking advertisements you'll never believe were allowed to run – from 2/2/17





Stylist Live – interesting talks and workshops around feminism, work/life, food, starting your own business, prejudice, bodies – billed as a "weekend of empowerment, entertainment and influence at its best" plus inevitable fashion/make-up/food samples – featuring Bridget Christie, Shami Chakrabati, Katherine Ryan, Nimco Ali, Nigella Lawson, Clara Amfo, and people with recent books out like Sarah Millican, Robert Webb, Russell Brand, Women's Equality Party founder Catherine Mayer, MP Jess Phillips – held 10-12 November at Olympia London. Tickets from £15 per day


Switch on Out Of Office – Women's Equality Party campaign – Today is Equal Pay Day and I'm switching on my Out Of Office – because women are effectively working for free for the rest of the year compared to men. The gender pay gap for full time workers is 14.1% and when you factor in part-time work it’s 18.4%. By turning on this automatic reply for one day, I'm helping send a much bigger message: that pay inequality is holding all of us back.
Last week, the World Economic Forum (WEF) announced that it will take 217 years for the global pay gap to close at the current rate of progress. For the first time since WEF began publishing these figures, progress has ground to a halt. Women are no better off than we were a year ago. We cannot let the story be the same one year from now. Help us spread the word and amplify our calls for equal pay.
• Copy the template and set your own OOO
• Send a tweet
• Watch the campaign film

Equal Pay Day – Fawcett Society campaign – Taking part is simple: print off this pledge card and write your pledge on it. (If you don't have access to a printer, use paper.) You can use one of the pledges included here or come up with your own. Take a picture of yourself holding the card, tweet it using #paygappledge and please tag us at @fawcettsociety!

About the campaign

AND: • "We are going backwards" warns leading charity as pay gap widens for younger women


This is why we're "Out Of Office" for the rest of the year – about 10/11/17

AND: • Switch on your "Out Of Office" tomorrow to show women are working for free for the rest of the year


Equal pay day: gender gap "will take 100 years to close"


Number of senior women in Britain's boardrooms unchanged in 10 years


How women use food to negotiate power in Pakistani and Indian households


Michelle Obama has some stern words for men, Barack included


The evidence is mounting – a man's place is in the home


I'm 10. And I want girls to raise their hands


Why are female doctors introduced by first name when men are called "Doctor"? – Washington Post article from 24/6/17


Why the women's confessional essay is here to stay


What women want: a vivid portrayal of female lives around the world – about the book/exhibition 200 Women

AND: • 200 Women book and exhibition This landmark project is the realisation of an epic global journey to find 200 women with diverse backgrounds, and to ask them what really matters to them…. [It's] inspired by a belief that you can’t empower women without listening to their stories. 200 women in different parts of the world - rich/poor, black/white, educated/uneducated, famous/unknown - sat or stood in front of a plain sheet of fabric to be photographed and filmed while answering five fundamental questions.


How to nurture leadership in women and girls – workshop run by The Female Lead on 19/11/17 from 4-7pm. Tickets £20 adults, £10 students, £5 children. Featuring "a panel of female leaders and pioneers, hosted by Lorraine Candy, Sunday Times Style editor. Bring the young females in your life to an inspirational afternoon where we explore what it takes to be the leader in your own life with female role models from the worlds of music, science, business, activism and journalism discussing their experiences of forging a professional path."



Relationships and sex education for the 21st century – Ian Bauckham to advise government on improving Relationships and Sex Education in schools – government announcement from 6/11/17


#MeToo: why we need to talk about safeguarding – from 19/10/17


Expect Respect – an educational toolkit for teachers – PDFs consisting of one easy-to-use "Core" lesson for each year group from reception to year 13, based on themes that have been found effective in tackling domestic abuse


Voices Against Violence – Co-educational curriculum developed by the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) and UN Women, with input from young people. Designed for ages 5 to 25, it provides young people with tools and expertise to understand the root causes of violence in their communities, to educate and involve their peers and communities to prevent such violence, and to learn about where to access support. The curriculum includes a handbook for peer educators that will help them deliver age-appropriate sessions and non-formal educational activities.

AND: • Voices Against Violence Handbook – PDF

Survey for educators about tweens' and teens' digital lives – from the Harvard Graduate School of Education – Drs. Carrie James and Emily Weinstein are looking for opinions on issues related to tweens' and teens' digital lives from educators interested in digital citizenship and teaching with technology. If you work with students aged 10 to 17, please complete the 12- to 15-minute survey and get entered for the chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card.





Search for relevant terms (porn / pornography / PSHE / sex education) within each of these:


Growing up with the Internet (Communications Committee Report) - Motion to Take Note (7 Nov 2017) – [includes a moving speech on digital resilience, porn etc by Baroness Benjamin, Lib Dem]
Baroness Chisholm of Owlpen: DCMS [Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport] will work with the Department for Education to ensure that online safety forms part of the new compulsory relationships education in primary schools and *relationships and sex education* in secondary schools, as well as personal, social,

health and economic education if it is made compulsory


Baroness Shields: It isunfair for us to expect young people to be strong and resilient enoughto fight major mental health battles brought about by the likes of cyberbullying, sextortion, revenge *porn*, fake news, hate speech and extreme pornography at a time in their lives when their brains are still in the formative stages


Young People: Digital Resilience - Question (7 Nov 2017)
Lord Agnew of Oulton: …the Digital Economy Act 2017
introduced requirements for online *pornography* provided on a
commercial basis to be inaccessible to under-18s. The Internet Safety
Strategy Green Paper, which we have just published, will also look at
related issues.


Family Planning Clinics: Public Order Legislation (7 Nov 2017)
Diane Abbott: These demonstrations… are not a way to offer
people practical advice. Many of the groups involved also oppose
contraception, *sex education* and even IVF treatment. The Society for
the Protection of Unborn Children is running a homophobic campaign
against kids being taught about sexual orientation

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