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Sex ed in the news 

Round-up from 13/10 to 26/10/17

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PSHE, RSE and Mental Health Survey: have your say before Monday! – for any staff with knowledge of the school's PSHE / RSE – deadline 16/10/17 – from the NAHT (National Association of Head Teachers). The survey aims to gather a large volume of responses and thus make the case more powerfully to the government for the type of support and guidance that schools need on RSE as well as PSHE education and mental health. Findings will inform the NAHT's response to government consultation on RSE guidance, expected to be issued in coming months.


New information shows that the incidence of sexual harassment and sexual violence against girls in our schools is increasing – and that is a year after the Women and Equalities Committee inquiry. What more will the Government do to make sure that their policies are working to keep girls and children safe in our schools? – Maria Miller (chair: Women and Equalities Committee) asks Justine Greening (Minister for Women and Equalities Committee and Secretary of State for Education) on 12/10/17






Swedish model gets rape threats after ad shows her unshaved legs – (as an aside: whoever at the Guardian uploaded online this – a job I often did on the Observer Magazine – included every single word in the title – including extraneous words like "after", "gets" and "her" – except for the crucial and internet-searchable word "rape")

AND: • Hairy legs in a fashion advert are good for feminists… aren't they?


The bald truth about shaving off pubic hair


"Body positive" photos do not warrant being fired


Why periods are the ultimate symbol of female friendship





Origins – 5-minute film/animation about identity Illustrates the influence of upbringing on beliefs, and how life circumstances, faith and culture shape lives. The theme: "What makes you you?"


Dove apologises for ad showing black woman turning into white one

Top firms given four years to appoint ethnic minority directors

I'm inspired by Nola Darling in the new She's Gotta Have It trailer




Harvey Weinstein paid off sexual harassment accusers for decades – original piece

AND: • Hollywood is full of creeps – quotes about other predatory men

AND: • Why the Weinstein sexual-harassment allegations didn't come out until now

AND: • Weinstein's claim of an age of innocence about sexual abuse is pure fiction

AND: • The Guardian view on Harvey Weinstein: a watershed

AND: • Actor Terry Crews: I was sexually assaulted by Hollywood executive


My whole life has been marked by sexual harassment – just like all women


Tory MP Maria Miller: "Of course I've experienced sexual harassment"


I'm a coward


Can an 11-year-old girl consent to sex?


We need to stop using the unhelpful, insulting term "date rape"


Number of child-on-child sexual assaults almost doubles

AND: • Reported child-on-child sex offences "tip of the iceberg"

AND: • Boys "will not attend class with those they have abused"



Jimmy Kimmel sums up America's gun problems in a powerful teary monologue


The American impulse to equate guns with freedom and masculinity with violence is killing us

Thoughts on Vegas, and Why Men Keep Doing This – by the author of Play It Away


Rio Ferdinand on the importance of talking about your emotions – includes 9-minute interview in which he discusses his new book Thinking Out Loud


Rio Ferdinand teaches his children it doesn't make them "less of a boy or girl" to cry


Why you don't need to be "manly" to be a good dad


Can you be masculine and beautiful at the same time?


Lululemon's latest campaign challenges our perceptions of modern masculinity


The sociological explanation for why men in America turn to gun violence


Blaming women for the behaviour of male abusers only creates more beasts like Harvey


Let's not pretend that Harvey Weinstein is one bad apple


Don't call it toxic masculinity. They're sociopathic baby-men


Lena Dunham: Harvey Weinstein and the silence of the men


Why did no one speak out about Harvey Weinstein?


The fall of Harvey Weinstein should be a moment to challenge extreme masculinity – by Rebecca Solnit, author of the amazingly-titled Men Explain Things To Me


Emma Thompson says Harvey Weinstein sits at top of system of "harassment, belittling and bullying"


Emma Thompson: Harvey Weinstein "top of harassment ladder" – powerful 11-minute interview on BBC Newsnight with Emily Maitlis






Trouser Boy – 2-minute film about using social media for harm or for good Winner of the Childnet film competition for secondary schools. The theme: "Be the change – we're online for good"


The history of sexist advertising is being flipped. It's amazing but it's not enough





"I work too hard and I'm still poor and miserable!" – Ask Polly: an advice column from Heather Havrilesky in The Cut




Why aren't you having more orgasms?



Why it matters that Theresa May wore a Frida Kahlo bracelet during her conference speech


100 Women: "We can't teach girls of the future with books of the past"


Apparently, a woman's bare back is too much for a morning commute


This video shows the power and pain of little girls all over the world


One more time, how a woman dresses does not mean she's "asking for it"

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