The Outspoken team is thrilled and proud to be able to access a wealth of (social) business acumen, anatomical knowledge and no small dose of wit with its stellar Advisory Board

Sharon Bylenga

CEO, Media Matters for Women

Sharon Bylenga is the founder and former Executive Board Chair of the charity Media Matters for Women (MMW), which she was inspired to set up after working for an international NGO which builds public service radio stations in post-conflict and crisis zones.

She founded MMW to demonstrate that, used together, mobile phones and solar rechargers are highly effective and significantly less costly than radio in meeting the information needs of Africa’s rural women and girls. 


Sharon earned her master’s degree in agricultural economics and has extensive experience combining economic analysis and project development in Rwanda, Turkey, Macedonia, West Bank and Gaza, Bosnia, Zambia, Timor, Sierra Leone and Liberia.  She served as a volunteer in the Bijagos Archipelago of Guinea Bissau after university and with the US Foreign Agricultural Service for 10 years after graduate school


Sara Pascoe

Comedian, writer and actor

Sara Pascoe is an acclaimed comedian, writer and actor. She was a regular on Frankie Boyle’s New World Order, 8 Out Of 10 Cats and Mock The Week. In addition to writing and performing the BBC Radio 4 series Modern Monkey and Sara Pascoe Vs Monogamy (BBC2) she did a BBC solo stand-up primetime special, LadsLadsLads.


In 2020 BBC2 ran her comedy series Out Of Her Mind – on “heartbreak, family and how to survive them” – and the 3-part Last Woman On Earth With Sara Pascoe.

Sara’s first non-fiction book, Animal: The Autobiography Of A Female Body, combines feminism, memoir and evolutionary biology. With Sex Power Money and her related podcast, she grapples with topics like modern masculinity, sex trafficking, race and porn. Sara has also written for the Guardian, the Independent and Standard Issue Magazine and adapted Pride And Prejudice.

All of her creative output is underpinned by bemused cultural commentary and candid personal experiences

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Ben Hurst

Head of Facilitation at Beyond Equality

Ben Hurst is Head of Facilitation at Beyond Equality and an activist, model, photographer and campaigner against toxic masculinity.


Ben’s work focuses on exploring positive masculinities. At Beyond Equality he coordinates school and university workshops. As founding director of SPACE for PSHE (personal, social, health & economic education) Ben facilitates conversations with young people on gender equality, relationships, sex, power and race. With Fearless Futures, an anti-oppression organisation, he runs diversity and inclusion workshops in corporate spaces.


Not only is he co-founder of D/ecology (delivering critical whiteness and anti-racism training) and one-third of DJ collective Scotch Bonnet, but he also co-hosts the TedxLondon podcast Climate Curious.


Ben gave the compelling 2018 TEDx talk “Boys won’t be boys. Boys will be what we teach them to be”

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Dr Naomi Sutton

Consultant physician (NHS) and doctor on E4’s The Sex Clinic

Dr Naomi Sutton works as a Consultant Physician at the Integrated Sexual Health Service at the Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust. Her passion is in education and raising awareness of sexual health while myth-busting along the way. Her claim to fame is appearing as the doctor on series 1 and 2 of E4’s The Sex Clinic, which “helps young people get their sex lives back on track” – but she also famously talked frankly about vulvas on Steph’s Packed Lunch and in 2021 she began co-hosting the podcast Sex Unwrapped.


Naomi is the Training Programme Director for Contraception in Rotherham, regularly training healthcare professionals in coil and implant insertion in addition to delivering numerous educational events.


She is proud to be an Ambassador for the charity Saving Lives UK – which exists to raise awareness of HIV and STI testing and reduce associated stigma – and more recently a Campaign Ambassador for the Eve Appeal, a charity that raises awareness of the five gynaecological cancers

Sophie Hextall


Sophie Hextall – who at 18 is part of the cyber generation – has a great interest in the cyber world and how it affects young people. She is a member of the Better Internet For Kids Youth Panel. 


Also serving on the Childnet Youth Advisory Board, Sophie is a Childnet Youth Ambassador who represents England for Project deSHAME – a campaign against online child sexual harassment.

“Tackling this issue is important to me, both from experience and from working with children of all ages as a fully qualified swimming teacher,” Sophie says. “I want to be a voice for the young people who are often ignored but who are the ones actually affected by online child sexual harassment.”

Sophie is studying social and political sciences at York University

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Josie Rayner-Wells
Relationships & sex education consultant

Josie Rayner-Wells is an independent National RSHE Adviser who supports sex education strategically and practically in a wide range of settings. She works throughout the country with local authorities, public health, charities and independent settings, including schools, to deliver effective, evidence-based sex education that can transform safeguarding, health and wellbeing outcomes.


Josie’s extensive experience in both policy and practice includes authoring nationally sold RSE resources and designing and delivering programmes in some of the most challenging environments, including teaching male sex offenders and children who have experienced abuse.


As a mother of two daughters aged 17 and 10, Josie is keen to focus on equipping all children and young people with the information, values and skills to keep themselves safe, happy and healthy in the modern world. She is working on a not-for profit organisation to address toxic masculinity

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Emily Setty
Lecturer in crimonology

Emily Setty is a lecturer in criminology at the University of Surrey. Her research focuses on young people’s perspectives on and experiences of risk and harm online, in particular related to sex and relationships. She is the author of Risk And Harm In Youth Sexting: Young People’s Perspectives.


Emily collaborates on projects that take a holistic and youth-centred approach to young people’s digital lives and that investigate their expressed needs as well as needs that relate to broader sociocultural contexts around risk and harm.


Using qualitative methods such as focus groups, Emily explores how young people construct and navigate harmful and abusive online experiences. Her work is instrumental in terms of both the policy and practice of preventative education. 

She talked to Outspoken about kids, consent and sexting here 

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Isla van Tricht

Speaker and playwright

Isla van Tricht is a freelance schools speaker and playwright. She gives presentations to hundreds of UK students, staff and parents each year on topics including pornography, consent and healthy relationships. She also has experience as a youth worker and mentor for young people.

In her work as a playwright she has had her plays (and a musical) produced across the UK and internationally, including off-Broadway. Isla’s plays often confront and explore social issues.


Isla is passionate about equipping parents and teachers with the tools to have inclusive, informative and healthy conversations about sex and relationships, as well as ensuring that young people have the information and tools they need to navigate relationships, sexual encounters and their relationship to their own bodies safely and positively.

In Our Own Words, Isla’s new verbatim-theatre project, will feature testimonies from thousands of UK young people about their lived experiences around sex and relationships

Tom Simon

Member of Camden Council

Tom Simon is a writer and a member of Camden Council. He grew up in London and studied history at Newcastle University before completing an MA in Japanese Studies at SOAS. He taught English in a school in Japan for a year, then returned to the UK. Tom gained a Postgraduate Diploma in Law and was called to the Bar but did not pursue a legal career. 

In 2007 Tom helped found the Boxing Academy, an award-winning alternative provision school, serving as vice-chair of its governing body until 2016.


As a member of Camden Council from 2009-14 and again since 2018, Tom has taken a keen interest in education, serving on the governing body of two primary schools.


He lives with his wife and young son and is working on his first novel

Bertie Ford

Law student

Bertie Ford is 23. Having observed students at university battle sexual insecurity and emotionally dysfunctional relationships, he became interested in investigating the conditions behind these increasing trends and in discovering solutions. 

While working as a student reporter, Bertie often conducted interviews targeting the sexual myths and misinformation perpetuated by social media and wrote pieces providing accurate and healthy advice.


Volunteering at the Citizen’s Advice Bureau in Kent and supporting university pastoral assistants led to Bertie’s keen interest in the disparities of sexual-health education across a wide demographic.


Bertie is studying the Legal Practice Course (LPC) to become a trainee lawyer

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Claudine Domoney 

Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Claudine Domoney is a consultant at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, where she is a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist with special interest in pelvic and postnatal issues and hormonal and sexual health.

Believing that empowerment is holistic and comes through understanding and education, she has spent over a quarter of a century talking about and working with vulvas and vaginas, with a particular interest in how changes over a lifetime can affect women’s physical, mental and sexual health.


Claudine was formerly the Chair of the Institute of Psychosexual Medicine (IPM) and trustee/advisory board member of the National Association for Premenstrual Syndrome and the British Menopause Society.

Claudine is also a medical adviser to the Vagina Museum, which opened in London in 2019