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Our interactive website, topical newsletter, lively card game and inspiring live events give parents the skills, knowledge, language and confidence they say they need


Outspoken Sex Ed wants to change the conversation around sex, bodies, consent, pleasure and relationships, working towards a culture that prizes respect, inclusivity and openness

Read more about why Outspoken is needed


Outspoken aims to create a safe space for experiential learning and dialogue, engaging parents in three ways…


Explore advice by topic, access guidance by children’s age and figure out what to say during a Mayday Moment…


Get Outspoken in – for your school, workplace or event – to help parents learn about talking openly with their children


Read up on the latest sex & relationships issues including  hints & tips, resources & events. In your inbox every fortnight…

Please contact us to talk about Outspoken Sex Ed events or anything else that’s on your mind…
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