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Sex, love and relationships topics can come up at unexpected times with kids. Our line-up of experts explain how to keep your cool during situations that catch you off-guard…

AGE 2 TO 5

“Can I have this?”
Your 3-year-old comes out of the bathroom wanting to play with a tampon
“Why does Jake have 2 mummies?”
Your 4-year-old starts noticing other families 
“You’re furry!”
Your 3-year-old notices your body after a shower

AGE 6 TO 10

“Girls can’t play”
You want to challenge your 7-year-old’s ideas on gender
“Why can’t I be a girl/boy?”
Your 9-year-old starts expressing dissatisfaction with their gender
“What are they doing?”
Your 8-year-old sees a pop-up ad for porn on the computer 

AGE 11 TO 16+

Skater Girl
“Does sex hurt?”
Your 11-year-old comes home from their first sex ed class at school
“What are you doing?!”
Your 11-year-old walks in on you having sex
“None of your business!“
You see that someone has sent a nude image to your 15-year-old
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