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Speaking from experience as a queer-positive sex educator, the dynamic Dr Nadine Thornhill specialises in child and adolescent sexuality and co-stars in Every Body Curious – the YouTube series for kids aged 9 to 12 that features real children, some with disabilities, learning about bodies, consent, sex and relationships. Episodes include Just Say Gay, Orientation and Love Is Love.

Nadine is out to talk about ways we can change our language, what you can say and do if your child comes out to you, and how all parents and kids can be LGBT+ allies…

LGBT+ kids & allies

LGBT+ kids & allies

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To read more of Nadine’s tips for parents, see our blog post “Discover who your child is – that’s an adventure”: on LGBT+ kids and allies

Got 15 minutes? Get to the heart of tricky topics like sexting, body image, consent and pleasure with our other videos in the Speak Out series of colourful, captivating deep-dive interviews with sex-ed experts. It’s a treasure trove of tips for parents!

Our funding officers say about our work…


“I believe the Consent & Pleasure video will help a lot of parents and children understand and make more informed choices in the future”


“What an absolutely fascinating video. So informative and eye opening!” 


With thanks to the National Lottery Community Fund!

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