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Oleander – starring Emily Robinson, of Eighth Grade and Transparent fame – is an award-winning, 12-minute film about a 17-year-old who starts a social-media war against an abstinence-only sex-education programme. It’s part sex-positive teen narrative, part cautionary tale about emotional and digital manipulation. And it’s so multifaceted that you can fill in your own blanks: do you empathise, criticise and/or cheer her on?

In this video, director Kate Hackett is out to discuss the importance of talking openly with young people about sex, relationships and consent…

Sexuality & identity

Sexuality & identity

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To read more of what Kate has to say, see our blog post Teen Sexuality Onscreen – The Short Film Oleander

Got 15 minutes? Get to the heart of tricky topics like porn, sexting, consent and pleasure with our other videos in the Speak Out series of colourful, captivating deep-dive interviews with sex-ed experts. It’s a treasure trove of tips for parents!

Our funding officers say about our work…


“I believe the Consent & Pleasure video will help a lot of parents and children understand and make more informed choices in the future”


“What an absolutely fascinating video. So informative and eye opening!” 


With thanks to the National Lottery Community Fund!

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