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“How did the baby get in your tummy?


Your 5-year-old is going to have a new sibling


Expert Response #1

Sex and love

The baby in my tummy is made out of one of my eggs and a tiny sperm egg from Daddy. They came together when we cuddled real close and Daddy’s penis went into my vagina. We sometimes do that because we love each other and it feels really nice. That’s why we call the special cuddle “making love”. Making love is something most adults do

Yoan Reed, director of Teaching Lifeskills and Outspoken Sex Ed 

Expert Response #2

Special adult cuddle

I had a special adult cuddle with (Daddy), which meant that a baby was able to grow inside of me

Josie Rayner-Wells, national PSHE/RSE adviser

Expert Response #3

An egg, a sperm & a womb

There are lots of different ways to get a baby in a tummy. You always need an egg, you always need a sperm and you always need a womb to grow that baby in (because babies grow in wombs, not in stomachs!). This baby was made from sperm provided by Daddy and from an egg provided by Mummy. Just like you were! We agreed to use our bodies to connect the sperm and the egg. And now it is growing inside my womb…

Amy Forbes-Robertson, partner,

It Happens... Let’s Talk About It

Whatever you say next, keep these things in mind…

  • 5 to 8 is a great age for sex & relationships education – children are ready for more complicated concepts but aren’t too embarrassed to ask questions

  • You don’t have to say everything at once. Keep it to small chunks of clear information​, says It Happens, who have learned through years of work in primary schools​

  • If you keep your tone matter-of-fact, and use correct words for body parts, there’s no reason why this should be an awkward situation. But if you’re worried – practise with a partner

  • It can be fun to read a picture book like Where Willy Went or the myth-busting Mummy Laid An Egg

  • Elaborate on the language with older children but keep it simple. Be guided by the response from the child and put the explanation into the context of a loving and happy relationship​


More help with questions about babies from younger kids…

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TODAY’S PARENT  |  Age-by-age guide

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More Outspoken advice on #Sex&Relationships

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Tips for this age

Happy Santa

Sex and Santa

Remember: every child is different. Adjust these suggestions for the age and stage of your child. Children with special educational needs and disabilities, looked-after children and children who have experienced abuse may all need different support.


If you’re in doubt about your child’s emotional, physical or psychological development, please seek the advice of a professional

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