Virtual talks, online workshops, at-home activism and campaign contributions: all things sex, relationships, gender, pleasure, consent & bodies on the Outspoken radar right now

SIGN the Talk To Your Child pledge (alongside it are tips on how to start the talk) and mark your calendar so you’re sure to discuss sex and/or relationships on 2 February – International Sex Education Day – with your child for just 10 minutes!   

DOWNLOAD the How Can I Challenge Gender Stereotypes  infographic from the Fawcett Society for tips on what language to use with kids & adults plus activities for children up to age 8 that will help combat views on gendered identity

SIGN up to the #AskableParent Challenge newsletter programme by Each day for 6 days you’ll get a great cartoon video for kids or parents, discussion question, family activity or resource on puberty, sex or relationships. Amazing!

BRING sex ed to the table: read PinkNews’ Tips for teaching LGBT-inclusive sex and relationships education to your kids – and also put our Outspoken homeschooling lessons for kids aged 4-11 and 11-16+ into practice. Read about why here 



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