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There’s nothing like a bit of controversy and current events to kickstart constructive conversation. Seize the day and get talking with your kids about these recent news stories…


Ansel Elgort Wore Glittery Eye Makeup and White Nail Polish to the 2020 Golden Globes  Allure (6/1/20) 

“As a wise man by the name of Quil Lemons once told me, ‘Makeup doesn't necessarily have any energy. It’s just products, and society gives it that gendering. It’s weird. Nothing says it’s for boys or for girls. We just put those labels on it’”


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Sex Education’s Asa Butterfield’s nan has watched his NSFW scenes but he finds them “liberating”  |  Metro (8/1/20)

My family loved it. I’m pretty sure all of them watched it – even my grandparents! Everyone’s kind of hung up on that stuff so it’s quite nice that we’ve got an excuse to be quite open about it, and I think if we all were then it would probably be easier”

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“Boys & Sex” Reveals That Young Men Feel “Cut Off From Their Hearts”  | includes 35-minute interview – NPR (7/1/20)

“What [boys are] getting in porn is a really distorted vision of what human sexuality is. They see image after image of sex as something men do to women, of female pleasure as a performance for male satisfaction, of distorted bodies – of a whole lot of things that frankly wouldn’t feel very good to most people”


TALKING POINT Porn affects both young women & young men  Read the article >

“I was angry I couldn’t even say the word”: UK teens refuse to be silent about periods  |  Guardian (7/1/20)


“[Stirling high school] has set up a club of students, the ‘panda posse’, to remove period stigma.

 One student – typically a boy – puts on a panda head, while girls accompany him round the school giving out free sanitary products. ‘Using a panda puts a non-threatening face on it. We didn’t want our mascot to be a six-foot tampon,’ says a teacher. 

Now 84% of girls report feeling more comfortable talking about periods”


TALKING POINT Could you start a Panda Posse at your school?  Read the article >


Call for naked art classes to benefit children in UK schools | Telegraph (7/1/20)

“It really gets rid of any prejudices as to what a body should look like. It's great for body positivity. Primary school children are a great audience for this kind of thing. The main barriers for all these things are parents and adults. Children are much more open. From a very young age they are seeing all kinds of stuff. You can’t really start too young”

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Our round-up of sex-ed related articles of interest to parents from 6 to 16 January 2020

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