Outspoken is a social enterprise – a community interest company (CIC)                                                                                           

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School outreach – broadening the scope of relationships and sex education (RSE)

Supporting children’s right to relationships and sex education (RSE), Outspoken is a community interest company (CIC) that is out to strengthen the home-school partnership by focusing on parental engagement.​

Outspoken events spark conversation among parents and give them the skills, tools, knowledge, language and confidence to talk openly with their children about RSE topics, which…


  • supports children’s RSE learning at school

  • empowers parents to take an active role in safeguarding their children

  • shores up children’s confidence, resilience and mental health

  • reinforces parents’ role as their children’s primary RSE educators


Outspoken events contribute to…

  • Fulfilling DfE requirements for parental consultation in current and scheduled statutory and non-statutory RSE Guidance

  • Meeting Ofsted inspection criteria on parental engagement in RSE and relationships education

  • Implementing RSE policy development and review

  • Designing RSE and relationships-education curriculum planning to meet your school’s needs

  • Strengthening your school’s values framework

  • Improving the home-school partnership with a whole-school approach


How does the new DfE legislation affect parental-engagement requirements?

Working in partnership with parents is a vital component of schools’ efforts in supporting children’s learning. This partnership is particularly important around value-laden topics such as sex ed and requires schools to engage effectively with their parent body in order to have support in delivering a full curriculum.


Parental consultation on the content and teaching methods of RSE is therefore very important to schools, parents and children and vital for schools’ revision of their RSE policy.


However, this process demands that schools and the staff responsible for PSHE and RSE have a thorough understanding of both the RSE requirements set out by the DfE and best practice in engaging parents.


By failing to carry out an effective method of parental engagement around RSE, schools are missing an opportunity to educate parents about the wider topics and benefits of RSE and running the risk of parents exercising their right to withdraw their children from vital learning.


Increasingly protests by parents – often based on misinformation – and pressure from other groups have created controversy around sex ed. This makes the school-home partnership even more vital to get right. 

Read the Outspoken stance on how parents' roles have changed in the DfE's new guidance here

Read the updated DfE guidance on Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Health Education – published in February 2019 – here

How Outspoken will assist your primary or secondary school in parental engagement

We are specifically educated, trained and experienced in helping schools to engage parents – as their children’s primary RSE educators – in their children’s RSE at home.

During our initial discussion we identify your school’s values framework, assess your needs for parental engagement in RSE and propose the appropriate level of Outspoken assistance. All levels of engagement are tailored to either the primary or secondary setting.

Level 1: PANEL DISCUSSIONS for parents, staff, governors – a whole-school audience

A panel discussion chaired by Outspoken with experts in the field of RSE will generate a wider understanding of the topics within the subject. It will open up a conversation between school and parents and help foster an open and constructive communication that will support children’s learning. The event is a perfect opportunity to invite not just parents but also stakeholders such as governors and staff, providing a whole-school approach to RSE


Level 2: FOCUS GROUPS for parents or staff tailored to their needs

Following Level 1, focus groups facilitated by experienced Outspoken staff will engage parents in their identified areas of concern or needs for learning while maintaining a supportive and safe environment. These focus groups can be tailored to parental needs informed by cultural sensitivities – for example, the groups can be gender separate


Level 3: SEMINARS for parents or staffstructured, informative, educational half-days

The seminars are structured around parents’ needs for developing skills, tools, knowledge, language and confidence in their role as their children’s primary RSE educators. With a focus on learning objectives and desired outcomes, seminars involve a variety of experiential-learning methods and activities to educate parents in age-appropriate and comprehensive RSE

Organisations delivering quality sex education in schools include… 


• RSE In London – for its diversity and its informative workshops –

• Teaching Lifeskills – for expert sessions, consultancy & a rights-based approach –

• Sexplain – for its inclusive, comprehensive, sex-positive programmes –

• Teaching “The Talk” – for having young people deliver teaching to teachers –

• Split Banana – for creating sex ed for young people with young people –

• BigTalk – for its established nationwide delivery of sex education –

• Brook – for its time-tested work around sexual health & wellbeing for under-25s –

• Tender – for its interactive workshops to prevent domestic abuse & tackle sexual violence –


Through parental engagement Outspoken is out to further the school-home partnership and change the conversation around sex education

Outspoken is a social enterprise – a community interest company (CIC)

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