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Take 10 – parent advice from International Sex Education Day founder Kim Cook

Not only has Kim Cook been a birth-control educator and children’s health teacher – the “RN CHES” after her name signifies that she’s a registered nurse and a certified health education specialist – but she’s also the mother of 3 grown daughters and founder of Teen World Confidential for parents, the Sex Education Alliance for educators and International Sex Education Day for everyone. Social justice is high on her agenda.

Here she talks to Outspoken about consent, cookies and not staying in her lane…


There are so many sex educators who have a focus on family, so my idea was that the Sex Education Alliance (SEA) would bring these professionals together to make a sea change in sex ed, to make waves!

With sexuality everyone comes from a different place. To me the word “sexuality” embraces not just having sex but also identity, relationships etc – the whole kit and caboodle. Sex educators come with their own morals and personal lens about sexuality, but we have to teach sex ed from a scientifically based, medically accurate perspective while respecting students’ and their families’ values.

In my work I saw a real need for families here in America, and across the globe, to have access to comprehensive sex education. I’d like to see sex and relationships topics become part of everyday conversation within the family, within communities and legally. If we educate adults about why sex ed is important – educate parents, because they’re voting and determining who sets out laws – then we can make change happen from the ground up and get broader, better sex ed in schools.