Outspoken is a social enterprise – a community interest company (CIC)                                                                                           

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Corporate outreach

Outspoken can assist companies and corporations by offering thought-provoking employee-engagement events that will benefit your employees’ wellbeing, enhance your CSR provision and promote positive change.


Outspoken is a CIC (community interest company) that’s out to help parents in safeguarding their children, improving their children’s mental health and forging a stronger parent/child connection


  • What most parents don’t realise is that they are the missing link in their children’s relationships and sex-education learning, that not reaching out to talk naturally about sex-ed subjects is an issue and that the sooner they start, the better it is for everyone

  • Open parent-child communication is vital because of the rise in serious mental-health issues for children and young people, who – in our highly sexualised digital world – are up against challenges from the media, social media, their peers, porn, the internet



OUTSPOKEN events equip parent employees with the skills, language and confidence to talk openly at home which helps in…


  • SAFEGUARDING THEIR CHILDREN Parents’ openness and confidence in having difficult conversations around relationships and sex-education subjects builds their children’s confidence, resilience and decision-making ability, helping them to become critical thinkers


  • IMPROVING THEIR CHILDREN’S MENTAL HEALTH Balancing physical and emotional health is key to good mental health and wellbeing. By talking openly with their children about physical changes, emotional issues and how they all interrelate, parents can help their children to map out future healthy relationships


  • STRENGTHENING THE PARENT-CHILD CONNECTION Parents reaching out by demonstrating a willingness to initiate age-appropriate conversation about challenging subjects, to communicate their own values and to listen to their children’s experiences and points of view will create an ongoing, everyday openness and a closer parent-child connection



  • PANEL DISCUSSIONS Includes professionals discussing the topics covered in relationships and sex education lessons, two engaging short films, the opportunity to hear other parents’ viewpoints and compare notes
  • FOCUS GROUPS Includes learning through the kinds of activities children might experience at school, test-driving awkward words or ideas out loud, further defining values through exchange with other parents

  • SEMINARS Includes a more structured, informative way to explore ideas and techniques through experiential learning, activities and discussion

How OUTSPOKEN will benefit your company through employee engagement


  • Fulfilling CSR (corporate social responsibility) policies, remits and commitments

  • Providing employee enrichment by offering a service that’s both practical and compelling to parents

  • Enhancing the range of offerings for a company’s parent network

  • Making a positive impact on employees’ personal wellbeing by improving confidence, resilience and good health among both parent employees and their children

  • Supporting parental engagement as a way to promote good mental health, combat sexual harassment, advocate for tolerance and inclusivity and help younger generations counter online and digital pressures



How employees will benefit from OUTSPOKEN events


  • Attending a live event will inspire employees through experiential learning, listening to informed discussion and having the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences with other parents facing similar intergenerational challenges


  • Acquiring the skills, language and confidence to talk matter-of-factly about relationships and sex-ed topics with their children so they can model confidence and strengthen their connection


What has been said about OUTSPOKEN

• “My motivation was wanting to hear other parents’ experiences. It can be very hard for an adult to communicate with a teenager – and there are very rare opportunities to talk to other parents [about sex-ed topics]”

• “It was a really good debate and triggered a good discussion at home when I debriefed my son”

• “I really enjoyed last night’s forum and feel the format offers a necessary and important safe place for parents to share and discuss sensitive issues” 

From the Outspoken panel discussion held at Channel 4 headquarters for employees…

• “It changed my attitude to how you think about your children and sex, and I didn’t realise that I was probably quite (unnecessarily) scared about it all“

• “I really enjoyed it. The panel was well balanced and each brought something different to the discussion. I liked it when they were very specific about how to talk to children”

• “Incredibly helpful. I feel much better equipped to deal with what I thought would be awkward conversations – actually I don’t think they are at all!” 


• “Really thought-provoking and informative. It’s made me realise how I fall into all the traps of avoiding dealing with awkward questions. Now my eyes have been opened, I’ll be able to put into practice the suggestions made by the panel. Every parent should attend!”

Outspoken is out to help parents with safeguarding, improving their children’s mental health and strengthening the parent-child connection

OUTSPOKEN events spark conversation among parents so they can start conversation at home

Outspoken is a social enterprise – a community interest company (CIC)


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