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Government consultation on sex education – Outspoken responses

A crucial turning point for sex education in the UK was 7 November 2018, the deadline for the Department for Education's consultation about its proposed new guidance for relationships and sex education (RSE).

The last time sex education was updated was the year 2000 – before the advent of smartphones and online porn. This consultation allowed everyone – adults, young people, parents, teachers – to have their say on what is important to include in sex ed, and to emphasise the need for questioning and changing our culture by tackling such issues as:

  • gender equality

  • the impact of pornography

  • consent

  • sexual harassment

  • LGBT inclusivity, sexual orientation, family diversity

Below are the consultation questions followed by responses from Outspoken Sex Ed as well from Teaching Lifeskills, which is run by Outspoken co-founder Yoan Reed…

Do you agree that the content of Relationships Education in paragraphs 50-57 is age-appropriate for primary school pupils?

OUTSPOKEN SEX ED: Disagree. The term “age appropriate” is often a question of “stage not age”, given that some subjects need to be brought up preemptively, before onset, or on a sliding scale of preparedness or timeliness.

There should be reference to the importance of gender equality.

After “families of many forms” add: “including those headed by adults who are LGBT, single, mixed race, foster/carer etc”.

These points should be made: