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Teen avatars with attitude: welcome to virtual sex ed

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

With kids exposed to so much online content, what is sex education like now? And how can sex ed teachers be upskilled to address students’ tricky questions and challenging attitudes?

Here’s your chance to find out by sitting in on a few minutes of a virtual sex ed lesson alongside 5 quiet, curious and outspoken teen avatars. Using a human in the loop, the avatars take part in classroom simulations that put the skills of sex ed teachers to the test.

This Virtual Professional Development training programme – created by the sexual-health charity Advocates For Youth – feels like a miracle of modern AI.

It’s a digital crash course for teachers on managing their own and students’ boundaries, being LGBT+ inclusive, trying out condom demonstrations, answering awkward questions, letting students air their values and responding to parents’ concerns. After each 10-minute simulation, a coach critiques how effectively the teacher fielded the challenges.

We were so captivated by watching an Advocates For Youth webinar on this AI innovation that we homed in on 2 excerpts to share with you. So pull up a chair and observe…

1) “When did you first have sex?” “What’s a boner?” “What is ‘popping your cherry’?” – teacher Arimis gets to grips with tough topics

2) “What do I do if a girl says no but she’s still flirty? It’s hard to read the signals” – teacher Hannah talks relationships and consent

To experience the full hour-long webinar held by Advocates for Youth on 18 May 2020, go to Virtual PD for Sex Educators: Live Coaching!

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